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iPod Charger Work-Around

Okay... this might seem trivial... but hopefully it will help some of you. I frequently fly or train with two things, a laptop and an iPod. Invariably, I forget to charge my iPod before the trip. No problem, right? Just plug it into your laptop... except then it goes into 'sync mode' and you can't access controls. Sure you could just launch iTunes and listen, but then you are tying up your laptop screen (you see my traveling companion/son often watches Dora and Little Einstein's on the video iPod). The solution, use a FireWire cable.

Old iPods used FireWire to both charge and sync the iPod. Then came the Windows users and Apple gave into USB2. Now, in the latest iPods and Nanos, they took the FireWire chipset out all together to make the iPod thinner/cheaper. Plugging in a FireWire cable only passes power through (no data). As such, you can charge your iPod, while still having access to the controls. If you don't have any of the old cables lying around, try out this
one (or one like it). A retractable cable that is affordable and easily fits into your laptop bag.
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