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Want Better Web Video? Keep it Short.

Here’s a simple idea: Keep your web videos short. It is better to have ten 4-minute episodes than one 40-minute episode. We try to keep our web videos to less than 10 minutes (in fact less that 5 in almost all cases).

Web videos tend to be consumed during things like work breaks, downtime, and airplane flights. Others will use them during commutes on the morning train or the subway. Think of web video and podcasts as portable, on-demand learning or entertainment. Remember that your audience is often watching web video on portable media players with small screens. Be sure to keep the total run time low to avoid viewer fatigue.

In the training videos we produce, we try to limit topics to one per episode. And if a single topic takes more than 10 minutes to explain, then we’ll split the video into two or three parts. This way the viewer can download Part 1 and start watching it while they’re waiting for the rest to download or be released. There’s nothing wrong with multiple parts. That’s the whole concept of serializing a web video into an actual series that builds up a subscription and viewership base.

To learn how to make great web video check out Professional Web Video.


Distributing Video To The Masses

The cost of creating video for the Web has plummeted, but it is still one of the most expensive elements of many Web site or Web 2.0 initiatives. Publishers want results—and it’s up to you to get them. In today’s world, your video needs to be in several places simultaneously, with great hooks bringing users back to your Web site. In this session you’ll learn how to become a hyper-syndicator, publishing your video to devices including cell phones, laptops, and televisions. Video publishing may start with an embed code, but so much more is possible—and this session will show you how to take advantage of the best opportunities available.

For more on creating video for the web, check out
Professional Web Video.


Post Longer Videos on YouTube


Non YouTube partners are starting to see longer time limits for their uploads. If you have no strikes against you for copyright infringement or other reported issues as well as held an account for some time, then you may get blessed. It doesn't seem to be anything you can request, rather just wait for it to roll out over time.

You can find more details on the
YouTube blog.

YouTube won't officially say "how" long the limit is (I've uploaded a clip that was over an hour with no problems).

Here's the official release –

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