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Rediscovered Gem: World Builder

I recently stumbled back across this great video. Perhaps it was meant for Valentine's Day. The storytelling and visual FX work are both top notch.

A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves. This is a short by filmmaker Bruce Branit.

Enjoy... and remember to tell those you love how important they are.


Free Adobe Creative Suite 5 Ebook


I've written a
free book for Adobe about how to get more done with After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and more.

”Explore the creative possibilities of DSLR video editing with Adobe Creative Suite 5 software. This paper provides tips and tricks for navigating Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5, Photoshop® CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended, After Effects® CS5, and other CS5 components to help you along the way."

The book is 100% Free, and contains all sorts of great knowledge.

  • Working in the timeline of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Get more done with Adobe Photoshop
  • Get organized with Adobe Bridge
  • Working with audio
  • Adobe After Effects Advanced techniques
  • Good shooting practices and Production Techniques
  • Sharing and publishing your video

You can download the free eBook with tips for DSLR and Creative Suite at

For more on the fusion of photography and video, check out From Still to Motion.

If you enjoy the ebook, please leave a comment . It means a lot and lets Adobe know people are reading and appreciate the book.


Mastering the Photomerge Command (Part 1)

Photomerge is a specialized “mini-application” within Photoshop that assists in combining multiple images into a single photo. You can access it from either Photoshop or Bridge. Depending on the resolution of your sources and the speed of your machine, it can take a while to complete.

Read the full tutorial at TipSquirrel –


Master Adobe Camera Raw – Free Ebook

This is a re-post... but I was asked to share it again. Here's a free (and really good) way to learn all about the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in. This is a bonus eBook I wrote to go along with the book Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5. Its yours for free... I hope it helps.

UAP Using Camera Raw

Be sure to also check out the new book – Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5

Here's a nice review of the book too –


Five Great Resources on Copyright


Do you understand your rights as a content creator? Here are five great resources to learn more (and they are all free)


Fonts Designed for Use On-Screen

Some fonts are meant for printing only. This fact is easier to accept if you remember that the print industry has been around a heck of a lot longer than the television industry. Test your fonts. If they are too busy or have too many elaborate serifs, make them inactive or remove them from your system.

Many modern fonts look particularly good on screen. Some recent additions include Georgia, Verdana, Myriad, Impact, Trebuchet, Gill Sans, Helvetica Neue, and Futura. These are just a few of the fonts that have been optimized for viewing on computer displays. Any font marked as optimized for web output is also well suited for video work.

Here are a few of our favorite websites offering free and affordable fonts.


Photoshop CS5 Best New Features In-Depth

Join Photoshop instructor and author Richard Harrington as he shows you the best new features in Adobe Photoshop CS5. This recording is from a live event and is unedited.. If you like Richard's training be sure to check out his books, Understanding Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop for Video.

Be sure to also check out the new book – Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5


16 New Articles Posted to the Conference Downloads Page

I've uploaded several new handouts from recent conferences. Remember, you can download slides, resource files, articles and more by visiting the Conference Handout page.


Photoshop Holiday Photo Clinic

Photoshop Holiday Photo Clinic from Richard Harrington on Vimeo.

Join Photoshop instructor and author Richard Harrington as he tackles 12 holiday images. This in-depth class will show you how to fix both standard and advanced problems that often plague holiday photos. If you like Richard's training be sure to check out his books,
Understanding Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop for Video.


Mastering Photoshop’s Blending Modes


Blending modes are both a mystery and a source of great design power. Each blending mode controls how one layer’s pixels are affected by those in another layer (or by a tool from the Tools panel). Most users give up on blending modes because the technical definitions of each mode get very tricky. The secret is to not worry too much about the technical issues and to learn how to experiment.
Read the whole article here –


Creating Prints from Video Frames

How do you take a great still photo with your video-enabled DSLR camera? That's easy, shoot in photo mode. You'll get the best quality and even the option of using a raw format. But what happens if you've got the perfect shot, except you're in the middle of recording a video clip? The good news is that you can export stills directly from a piece of video. There's just a few limitations.

Resolution limitations of video

You might be thinking to yourself “Isn't video really low resolution?” Yes, when compared to the native size of photos taken with your DSLR, video pales in comparison. But for many uses, such as web or newspaper, you can get enough pixels out.
Currently the highest resolution you’ll get exporting a still from a piece of video that originated on a DSLR is 1920 x 1080 or approximately 2.1 megapixels. While you aren’t going to make any panoramic prints of those frames you can still find a lot of great uses for them. If printing at 300 ppi, you can extract a frame that is about 6.5 X 3.5 inches.


A Great Deal for Organizing Your Media

A colleague of mine, Peter Krogh has a
great deal going. His excellent book called The DAM Bool is being bundled with Expression Media. Here are the key facts.

The DAM Book – In The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, Peter Krogh updates his ground-breaking book on creating and managing digital photography collection. Peter guides you through the entire digital photography ecosystem, showing you how hardware, software, file formats and workflow practices can work together to keep your images safe, and to let you get the most from your pictures. The second edition has been almost entirely rewritten, updating the material for the changed technical landscape. Chapters were added that covered the use of Lightroom, as well as an entirely new chapter on backup and validation of image files. Peter also covers the use of GPS devices and software to geotag your images.

Expression Media 2 software – When you buy The DAM Book during the month of October, you'll get a fully-licensed copy Expression Media 2 for free. (A $199 full retail value). Expression Media 2 is the a cross-platform application for managing your digital photos and media. Create easy-to-use catalogs of all your photos, movies, audio files, and many more file types. Expression Media 2 was recently purchased by Phase One from Microsoft.

Act now to take advantage of this limited time offer – Expires Sunday, October 31.


Free Apps During Photo Plus Expo

Need some Photoshop training? Check out our iPhone and iPod touch apps.They are on sale right now at a special price of free and 99¢.

  • Terry White made it his pick of the week.
  • Jeff Revell at PhotoWalkPro write a very detailed review too.
  • My son thinks it's cool that I used his picture in one of the lessons

If you haven't tried our new training apps, what are you waiting for?

How about our sale!

Understanding Photoshop Quick Fixes is
Free | iTunesWeb Demo
Understanding Photoshop Creating Panoramic Photos is
$.99 | iTunesWeb Demo
PocketGeek is free -
(prices good through October 31)

These apps are a lot of work, but I want to see them succeed. Tell your friends and try them out (the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive).

  • Includes training videos edited specifically for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  • Offers easily viewable screens, with zooms and close-ups of the action.
  • Every lesson includes hands-on files that you download to your computer. There’s no need to merely watch, you can try out every technique on your own.
  • Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes. Score yourself as well as check your answers with video responses.
  • Search throughout the application by keyword and your own bookmarks.
  • A quick reference guide is also included to help you build your Photoshop knowledge.
  • Interact with the trainer with comments and a Twitter client.


Photoshop CS5 Webinar

I have a free webinar about Photoshop CS5 and my new book Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Join author and instructor Richard Harrington for an overview of the new features in Photoshop CS5 and how his book, Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5 and its accompanying video training on DVD, can be used effectively in the classroom.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 3:00 pm
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)



Slides From My Recent DSLR Workshops

As promised, here are several slide decks from recent conferences. So

DV Expo

Motion 10

Be sure to check out the book – 
From Still to Motion


Setting Up The Camera Correctly for DSLR Video

Learn how to setup your camera correctly for the appropriate white balance, color quality, and recording format. You’ll also discover how to get better focus and create more stable shots when shooting video with your DSLR camera. Find out how to review clips, drop clips into the timeline, and adjust levels, saturation or color in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Check out the whole series.

Adding Lens Blur in Photoshop

I posted a new article over at on the rarely used Lens Blur command.

Selectively blurring an image can help your viewer find a focal point. Photoshop offers a realistic lens blur that also produces depth-of-field blurring. This allows some objects to remain in focus while others fall gently out of focus.

You can be very specific in regard to the blurring if you make an accurate alpha channel to serve as a depth matte. The depth matte defines how far away things are from the camera.

Read the whole article here –


Move Projects from FCP to AE Seamlessly (and Free!)

Footage ©Kuhn Foundation, from the series Closer to Truth Cosmos. Consciousness. God.

I am always on the lookout for things that can make my life easier… sleep in a can, comfortable shoes, great software.
If you use Final Cut Pro and After Effects… do I have a find for you!  I just finished a new book called
Video Made on a Mac, and in the process of writing about Motion Graphics workflows, I’ve discovered an absolute gem, from a little place called Popcorn Island.

From Final Cut Pro to After Effects

Getting your footage from Final Cut Pro to After Effects is a very common workflow. In fact, so many people choose to work this way that there are several free and for sale workflow tools on the market. But I have a new favorite.
The script Final Cut 2 After Effects supports the following features:
  • Cross Dissolve Transitions
  • Basic Editing Translation
  • Segmented Clips
  • Basic Keyframes
  • Time Remapping
  • Nested Sequences
  • Multiple Frame Rates and Aspect Ratios
  • Audio Channels
  • Name Length Error Checking
  • Support for PAL25 and 60

Oh and in case you missed it…

Here’s how the process works:

  • Download and install the After Effects scripts from here.
  • Launch After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
  • Open a Final Cut Pro project with media you want to exchange.
  • Select one sequence in the Browser.
  • Choose File > Export > XML. Choose XML Level 4.
  • Target a location and click OK.
  • Swith to After Effects and choose File > Scripts and select the newly loaded script (PI_FCP2AE.jsxbin).
  • Navigate to the XML file you created in step 5 and click Open. The footage and a new composition are created in After Effects.
  • Explore the composition and check the results.

Also, be sure to check out the new book,
Video Made on a Mac.  More than 400 pages and 5.5 hours of video on Production and Postproduction Using Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite.


How to use Color Management in After Effects

I came across a great white paper on Adobe's website about color management in After Effects. As more and more color choices are being made on set, its important that artists respect the wishes of the director or DP.

This white paper is intended for professionals in the motion graphics, video, and film production industries who need a reliable approach to achieving accurate and consistent color in their workflows. It provides compelling answers to a major question: How does color management technology in After Effects help you achieve accurate and consistent color reproduction?

The white paper comprises four core chapters:
  • Introduction to color management
  • High-definition video workflow
  • Digital cinema workflow
  • Animation or Flash export workflow

Download the white paper here – Color management workflow in Adobe After Effects CS4


Creative COW Magazine ready for iPad

One of my favorite industry resources is Creative COW magazine. The articles are always written by pros involved in cool projects. Each article offers great perspective and often new ideas to expand your business. They now have all the back issues ready for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Want to take the full library of Creative COW Magazine with you anywhere you travel? It's easy to do, whether you use an iPad, an iPhone, an Android, a Blackberry, or many other 3G devices.

Here's where to start. Simply go to and...

If you use an Android, a Blackberry, or many other 3G devices, just visit the downloads address above and download the editions that you want directly to your device -- we recommend the single page print-friendly edition's complete set. ;)

If you are on a Mac or PC that uses iTunes, just download any or all of our no-cost PDFs in the edition you prefer -- the print-friendly single page format (recommended) or the 'spread' edition that gives you the full magazine spreads -- to your desktop machine.

Once the PDFs are on your machine, drag the downloaded PDFs to your desktop machine's iTunes program and click on the Books setting inside iTunes to make sure that sync books is active. If you use an iPod Touch, an iPhone or an iPad, your iBooks application will show them inside iBooks, in the PDF tab that you see in the image you see at the top of this newsletter.

Now, you can now take Creative COW Magazine with you for those times when you are in the air, waiting for a meeting, in the doctor's office waiting room -- or any one of a thousand other places where you might want to spend some time with the great articles and ideas that make up each of our issues.


Free Photoshop Webcast This Friday

This complimentary webcast is brought to you by Creative Edge, videos and books for creative people.
Friday, September 17, 2010 - 10AM PDT/1PM EDT


Photoshop is the foundation of every digital career. Many users think they know it, but in truth, they have gaping holes in their training.
This webcast is ideal for professionals who want to add to their skill base, for beginners who need to learn the basics, or for others who are self-taught and want to solidify their knowledge. Graphic design and new media expert, Richard Harrington, will cover many of the exciting new Photoshop CS5 features, such as: Puppet Warp, Merge to HDR Pro, Content-Aware Fill/Scale/Heal, 3D Text, Mixer Brush and Lens Corrections.
During this complimentary webcast, you will also learn about:
• Repairing and retouching digital images
• Color corrections and enhancements
• Blending modes and maximizing filters
• Photoshop actions and automations to speed up your workflow
• Camera Raw workflow
Learn the techniques needed to advance your career with a focus not just on digital photography, but also on the Web, graphic design, multimedia and video.

10 webcast attendees will receive an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5: The Essential Techniques for Imaging Professionals.


Free AE Webinar on Tuesday: Harrington: Combining After Effects, Illustrator, & Photoshop Extended

Don't miss a free webinar this Tuesday on After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Start: September 14, 2010 7:30 pm
End: September 14, 2010 8:35 pm

As a motion graphics designer, you’ll use After Effects, Photoshop, or Illustrator to some degree in every project. But how do you decide which tool is best for the job and how can you use them together for the most efficient and effective workflow?

Join Rich Harrington of RHED Pixel for an evening of tips and techniques on how After Effects users can effectively integrate Photoshop and Illustrator in your motion design workflow.

overview: 7:15-7:30 PM: Pre-Show: Reels We’re Watching 7:30-8:20 PM: Rich Harrington: Combining After Effects, Illustrator, & Photoshop Extended 8:20-8:30 PM: Q&A 8:30-8:35 PM: giveaways | close
*all times are MST | UTC-6
To attend: - RSVP for the event :: RSVP now»


Talent Release Form

A piece of essential production paperwork is the talent release form. It is generally considered a good idea to obtain a release from each person who appears on camera. The form is your way of proving that the person appeared willingly and does not require additional compensation.

To make this form truly binding, you should check with a local lawyer to assist you. Laws will vary based on country and state, so this form is merely provided as a suggestion. Once you have your forms locked in, be sure to print out enough and load them onto a clipboard for your shoot.

If you are taping at a large event, you’ll likely want to explore integrating a general release into the event registration or ticket purchase process. This way you don’t need to worry about capturing releases from all the people who appear on camera. However, you should still get the more detailed release signed for on-camera interviews.

Get more useful forms (and a whole lot more) by reading
Video Made on a Mac


Peachpit Photo Club Presents Trey Ratcliff

On Tuesday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT, join Trey Ratcliff, author of A World in HDR for the next Peachpit Photo Club webcast. High dynamic range (HDR) photography lets you capture the myriad colors and levels of light that you can see in the real world, and the results are amazing photographs that run the gamut from super real to surreal. Explore this fantastic realm of photography through the unique vision of renowned travel photographer Trey Ratcliff. Trey will share his phenomenal HDR photographs as well as all the backstory on the adventurous circumstances of their origin. He'll also reveal the techniques he used to get the final shot, and answer your burning questions!
To keep the creative juices flowing, Photo Club members will receive a fun assignment at the end of the session. Once the assignment is completed, Photo Club members can upload their work to the Peachpit Photo Club Flickr Group where Trey and the Peachpit crew will help critique your work. And of course, there will be a chance for prizes!
Register now.

Also, be sure to check out the From Still to Motion webcast while you are there

Web Safe Fonts

This is awesome... a colleague of mine Jason Cranford Teague, has posted some great resources about web typography. My favorite is this useful desktop pattern of web safe fonts.

There is also an incredible
directory of fonts installed on Mac and Windows computers.


Free Digital Video E-books

  • Adobe offers some great primers on video technology. be sure to check these free e-books out.
  • Adobe Digital Video Primer (PDF: 9.8M) Whether you want to understand the differences between analog and digital, how to choose and set up a system that's right for you, or how to prepare and edit your content for delivery in virtually any format, the Adobe Digital Video Primer is a resource you'll use often.
  • Adobe HD Primer (PDF: 1.6M) This primer will help you understand what's involved in making the transition to authoring and distributing high-definition content and how to get the best results out of that transition.
  • Adobe Digital Audio Primer (PDF: 84k) In this primer, we'll introduce the basics of sound so you can work more effectively with Adobe® Audition™ and the rest of your digital audio or video toolkit.
  • Adobe DVD Primer (PDF: 6.3M) This in-depth primer will get you acquainted with DVD technology and teach you how to make your DVD content more dynamic. If you're already creating video productions, it will introduce you to state-of-the-art technologies you can use to repurpose your content for DVD distribution. If you're a beginner you'll find out how you can easily develop and author your own DVDs.
  • Adobe Professional DVD Production with Adobe Encore DVD Primer (PDF: 2.2M) This primer provides background information on the DVD-Video format and explains what makes Adobe Encore® DVD such a powerful application for professional DVD creation.
  • Adobe Streaming Media Primer (PDF: 1019k) The Adobe Streaming Media Primer offers a single comprehensive source for learning everything you ever wanted to know about streaming media — including pitfalls, costs, how-tos, and the basics.
  • Adobe DV Primer for Creative Professionals (PDF: 392k) Thinking about adding video to your repertoire? If you're a graphic designer, web professional, photographer, or other creative professional and you want to start working with video, this Primer is the place to start. You'll learn how video can expand your creative reach, the basics of the technology, and what you'll need to get started.


DSLR Video Quick Canon Links

Forgive the short post... off to go teach a new class at Photoshop World.

Here are a few new Canon links to check out

A better way to convert Canon footage?
New FCP Plugin for Canon?
New Canon Camera –

Photoshop Clone Stamp

The Clone Stamp can produce predictable and accurate results with just a little practice. It works by sampling pixels from one area of an image and painting them in another.

This technique goes beyond copy and paste, however, because it uses the flexibility of Photoshop’s Brush palette. This allows you to adjust the size and hardness of the brush as well as the opacity of the stroke.

  1. Select the Clone Stamp tool by pressing S.
  2. Select a brush from the Options bar or Brushes panel.
  3. Specify the tool alignment in the Options bar. If Aligned is selected, the sample point and painting point move parallel as you brush. If you click again and start over, the sample point picks up relative to the current brush position. If Aligned is deselected, the initial sample point is re-used. The second method ensures that you are always sampling from the same area but the first produces more visual variety if using a large textured area.
  4. Option+click (Alt+click) within the current document, or another open document (set to the same color mode). This defines the source point for sampled pixel data.
  5. Click and start to paint as if you were using the Brush Tool (you are essentially sampling pixels from one area and painting them into another). The sampled pixels are drawn from before you click. Therefore, it may be necessary to release and start over occasionally to avoid cloning the problem area. If using Photoshop CS4 or later, you’ll also see a preview of the pixels you are painting.

Performance Tips

  • Try cloning at a lower opacity from several different places to fill in a problem area. This way you can avoid too much repetition in the pattern.
  • Try to “follow the line” by looking for edges to follow in the image. Straight lines such as creases in clothing are easier to follow than random spots. Look to follow the natural curves and linear paths that are present.
  • You can clone from all visible layers by specifying Use All Layers. This is useful if you want to clone to an empty layer at the top of your document while sampling from the layers below.

Repairing Damage With Photoshop:Heal or Patch?

I find that most users quickly master the Clone Stamp tool. Unfortunately many become truly stumped by its two cousins, the Healing Brush tool and the Patch tool. Knowing when to turn from cloning to healing and patching is an important distinction.

  • The Healing Brush (J) is a tool that is designed to correct imperfections in a photo.
  • The Patch Tool uses similar technology as the Healing Brush, but Patch is better suited to fixing larger problems or empty areas.

To see the full tutorial, head on over to


Free Font Converter

Have an old font that's not working right? Maybe it's PC-only and you're on a Mac. Here's a free service to convert fonts – allows you to quickly convert between many font formats without the hassle of installing any software on your computer. Our service works on any operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux. Our font converting service works for all of the common font formats including TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.oft) and PostScript (.ps). We can also convert many of the less well known font formats including Suitcase (.suit) and Data Fork (.dfont) fonts.

Thanks to
Rod Harlan for pointing this one out.

Understanding Adobe Camera Raw

UAP Using Camera Raw

Be sure to also check out the new book – Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5


Pre-Processing for Video-Sharing Sites

There are hundreds of websites that offer embeddable players based on Flash technology. For many, this is a key way to embed content on their website and share with others. In this case, you are using the hosting services of the video-sharing site as well as their embeddable players.

While many take a role the dice approach, we believe in pre-processing clips before we upload. By taking matters into your own hands, you can get better looking clips in the final player. You can also get around some of the file size limits that can impede the duration of the video.

Let's take a look at two of the most popular services, YouTube and Facebook. The techniques discussed however can be applied to many other sites as well.

A Great Article on Filmmaking Apps for the iOS

Here's a great article on cool application for the iPhone and iPad. Twenty-two apps that help video pros and filmmakers.

"The iPad and iPhone have taken the world by storm. Only very recently have filmmakers started to see their potential in a production environment. The iPad has only been out a few months and we are already seeing it used in some very creative ways.

For this feature we have rounded up some of the best and most useful Filmmaking Apps that our Deal Leader Steve Jobs has approved for the App Store. As more filmmakers explore the possibilities with these powerful mobile devices, we are sure this list will continue to grow"

Get the whole article here –


On-Camera Interview Tips

  • Have talent/interviewee bring an alternate set of clothing.
  • Herringbone, stripes, or small patterns do not look good on camera.
  • Keep jewelry simple.
  • Do not allow interviewees to wear bright white. Cream, eggshell, or light gray are preferred.
  • Utilize a make-up artist. People give a better interview when they look good. Decision-makers favor approval copies when their people look professional.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.
  • “Edit in the Camera.” Encourage short answers and come back to topics again. Better to focus on good, tight answers, than trying to cobble together six takes to make your point.
  • Avoid enumeration or the phrase “Like I said before.” It is highly likely that you may use step three, without steps one and two. You also wouldn’t be asking the question again, if you were happy with what the answer was “before.”
  • Don’t be afraid to stop and start over. Do not let an answer ramble on. Smiles and nods encourage subjects that they are ‘on-target.’
  • Relax.


PanosFX Actions

While working on my latest Photoshop book, I did some research on Actions. I was looking for some new examples of actions that push the boundaries of what Photoshop can do. I came across several beautiful actions created by Panos FX.

From postcards and filmstrips to paper and sketch effects. These actions are great, they produce powerful results and are flexible enough to create several looks. The website has more than 30 free actions and the powerful ones for sale are very affordable. Be sure to check out their many products to build up your Photoshop toolbox. If you did pick up the new book, be sure to look on the DVD for some additional free actions.


How we use Drobos at RHED Pixel

We've been using storage systems from Drobo in our shop for quite some time now. We've got the entire office wired so we can share HD video projects to any workstation. We've also been backing up files from our HD shoots with Drobo Pros. We've been quite happy with the arrangement and Drobo asked us to explain our workflow.

You can check it out here –


Color Correction and Enhancement

Free Chapter for my new book – Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5: Color Correction and Enhancement

"Learning how to spot problems in your images and then choosing the right correction technique is an essential part of mastering Photoshop. Richard Harrington describes the most important tools and shows you how to use them to make the best color correction and enhancement choices.

The primary purpose of Photoshop is to act as a digital darkroom where images can be corrected, enhanced, and refined. How do you know an image needs touch-up? You can pretty much assume every image can look a little (or even a lot) better than how the camera captured it. Whether it’s adjusting the exposure, increasing contrast, or boosting saturation, Photoshop is the place to improve an image."

Check out the free lesson

Video and Audio Codec Guides

Looking for a good comparison of audio and video codecs. We've found a great comparison of digital video, audio, and graphic formats. They've also got some great shortcut guides posted for Avid and Final Cut Studio applications.


Free 3D Textures for Photoshop Extended

Want more free textures for Photoshop Extended? Be sure to check out the free ones posted by Adobe.


The Tragedy of Trajan

My Comic Sans post got me thinking.... about other over used fonts...

I must admit... I'm guilty of this one... Trajan.

Which is apparently the #1 font for movie posters.


The History of Comic Sans

This is a great short video about the history of Comic Sans and is told by the font's designer. It's really quite funny and he has a great sense of humor about it all.

And a little more followup.

Maybe I'll use it on a client project ;)

One of My New Favorite Sites

One of my new favorite resource sites is produced by the American Society of Media Photographers and funded by the Library of Congress. This site contains a ton of great information about workflow, digital imaging, and photography. It's also totally free.

The purpose of dpBestflow™ is twofold:
  • To create guidelines for refined production workflows, archiving methods, and best practices for digital photography based on a variety of capture methods and intended image use. The guidelines will be developed on the basis of research, analysis of software products and other tools targeted at professional photographers.
  • To publish the dpBestflow™ as a website open to the public. The adoption of the dpBestflow™ guidelines will be promoted to the professional photography community and the public through programming at industry trade shows and a nationwide series of training events at ASMP chapters, trade shows, and educational institutions.

Be sure to check out the site... it's really great. –

Two New Photoshop Books

Both of my Photoshop books are fully updated (and released!)

Amazon has a combo deal.. get both books for $67

That's a ton of training, hundreds of hands-on files. 72 training videos and more.

See this page here –


Are You a Teacher? How to Request Free Review Copies from Peachpit Press.

Are you a teacher? Consider our books for your class. Four to choose from

Here's how to request a free desk copy.

Worldwide Photo Walk

I will be leading a DC-area event for the Worldwide Photo Walk. The event is a fun few hours of shooting pictures and meeting other photographers. There's a few spots left for the July 24th event (it's free).

Meeting Location & Time
Vienna Community Center (10:00am - 12:30pm)
120 Cherry St SE, Vienna, VA- USA

After the walk, meet at: Church Street Pizza‎- 115 Church Street NE, Vienna

Sign up here.

Sign up in your neighborhood too


Stay in Touch Through Social Media

Want to keep in touch? We make it easy. You can get news, information, and humor from Richard Harrington through your favorite social media outlets. We're happy to share resources with you, our goal is to improve your digital life.

@rhedpixel | @psshortcuts

Richard Harrington | Video Made on a Mac | DSLR Video

rhedpixeltv | rhedpixel

AE Basics | Photoshop Basics | Photoshop | FCP Basics | Podcasting | DSLR Video


In NYC? Don't Miss the Free Photoshop CS5 Summit

DATE: Friday, June 25
TIME: 4:30 – 7:30 pm LOCATION: Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom 311 West 34th Street New York, NY 10001 PRICE: FREE – Bring a Friend!* You must sign up in advance here –

Get the Free PocketGeek App

My new iOS app is out (and totally free).

Keep up on news, see free training videos, and more.

PocketGeek for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

There's a geek in your pocket, and his name is Richard Harrington. Keep up with the latest in technology with the noted author and podcaster. This app lets you view free videos, read blog posts, and interact through Facebook and Twitter.

Rich shares his person passions for all things related to digital video and photography. The goal, to help you have fun and get more done in less time.

It's totally free...
get it here


A Great Article on Industrial Design

Over the centuries, we've welded metal, beat it into shape, bent it, melted it. But until recently, we've never inflated. Now that too is possible, thanks to years of painstaking work by architect Oskar Zieta and materials scientist Philipp Dohmen, both researchers at Zurich's ETH (better known as Einstein's alma mater).

The two call their work Free Internal Pressure Reshaping--FIDU, for short. But the process might seem familiar to anyone who's ever blown up an inflatable raft. Zieta and Dohmen are exhibiting their process--and its promises--at next week's DMY Berlin International Design Festival, which celebrates cutting-edge design. But if you can't make it,
here's a taste.


This Week in Photo – Controversy

I'm a guest for the new episode of this week in Photography. ControversyFrederick Van Johnson Shoot and get shot! BP gets slippery with photographers...and David duChemin talks ebook publishing.

Are Cameras the New Guns? – Recent increases in Facebook and YouTube videos that depict police abuse, has given rise to a new trend in law enforcement. It is now illegal in at least three states to record any on-duty police officer. "Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland are among the 12 states in which all parties must consent for a recording to be legal unless, as with TV news crews, it is obvious to all that recording is underway."
Apple Releases the next iPhone – The latest version of the iPhone was announced at WWDC with new features including a hi-res screen, improved 5 mp camera, digital flash, ability to shoot and edit HD video, and a front facing camera for video chat.
BP's Photo Blockade of the Gulf Oil Spill – According to photographers, BP and government officials are preventing them from photographing the impact of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
AFP Suing Photographer It Stole Images From PDN - David Walker - "It's hard to explain a mind-blowing mess like this one, but AFP is suing a Haitian photojournalist for "antagonistic assertion of [his] rights" after it distributed his news-breaking earthquake photos all over the world without his permission."
Get the file here – Download MP3 file

Listen to it here –


New Video Actions for Photoshop

I've updated the Video Actions for Photoshop.

I've added the following new actions

  • BD 720p – Size images for a slideshow for Blu-ray or 720p
  • BD 1080p – Size images for a slideshow for Blu-ray or 720p
  • Encore Blank Button – Creates a new menu button for use in Encore
  • Encore Button Highlight – Creates a Highlight layer for use in Encore

Download the actions here.

  1. Unzip the actions. The extension should be .atn
  2. Locate your Photoshop application folder
  3. Place the file in Presets > Actions folder
  4. Launch Photoshop
  5. Choose Window > Actions to open the Actions panel
  6. Click the small triangle in the upper-right corner and choose Video Actions V2
  7. Run the action as needed


Camera Raw — Understanding Adobe Photoshop

I've posted a brand new Photoshop tutorial over at Learn how to get the most out of Camera Raw in Photoshop CS5 or CS4.

Check it out here for free.


Get the free Photoshop CS5 Knowledge Panel

Get the free Photoshop CS5 Knowledge Panel for a bunch of cool free tutorials built right into Photoshop CS5. Choose Window > Extensions > Knowledge to open it.

Here's why you need it.
  • It's totally free
  • It's interactive with cool controls
  • A bunch of my tutorials are in there on video and animation.
"Sometime in the last 48 hours, your copy of Photoshop CS5 quietly sprouted some new functionality. We hope you like it, and we'd love to get your feedback.
Adobe is now delivering the Knowledge panel for Photoshop. This tool delivers interactive step-by-step guidance, walking you through some 70 tutorials written by expert authors. Unlike other tutorials, these can drive Photoshop: clicking links executes commands in PS (e.g. clicking "File->New" brings up the New Document dialog box)."

Learn more here –

Thanks to Victor Gavenda at Peachpit and John Nack at Adobe for doing this.


Free Adobe Seminar Today

Just a quick reminder. Today (Wednesday) is my free online class sponsored by Adobe.

Check out Working with DSLR Video with Adobe CS5 Production Premium
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM US/Pacific

Only a few spaces left!

A new Photoshop podcast you should check out

A friend of mine just launched a new Photoshop podcast – and you should check it out.

New on Peachpit TV: Photoshop in 5 with RC Concepcion

Check out the latest show on Peachpit TV: Photoshop in 5 with RC Concepcion. NAPP instructor & Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Rafael "RC" Concepcion gives 5-minute tutorials in Photoshop on topics including the Type panel, Soft-proofing, Brush-based tools, Channels, Adjustment and Mask layers.


A great book on green screen

If you've been looking for a comprehensive guide on greenscreen this is it. Jeff covers everything from preproduction through shooting and post. Jeff's a great teacher who's passionate about his subject.

You can get a few samples of the book
here for free, but be sure to check out the whole thing.

  • See how to plan, set up, and execute your shots to reduce fixes in post
  • Choose the right keying process for your project
  • Master basic shooting setups and live broadcast keying
  • Understand proper lighting and how to match subjects to the background
  • Create a working storyboard and learn how to select and direct talent
  • Composite your footage and fix problem shots
  • Work creatively with virtual sets, motion tracking, and match moving
  • Master techniques that apply to all compositing software and plug-ins


Creating Timelapse Movies in After Effects

Richard Harrington, a trainer for Future Media Concepts, shows how to use time-lapse photography to create video clips.


The Share Menu in Final Cut Pro

FMC trainer Richard Harrington demonstrates how to share and publish projects in a variety of formats.


After Effects Plugins 64 Bit

With the move to CS5, many Adobe apps require a 64-bit operating system. What this means is more speed and a greater ceiling for memory. It also means you'll need to update your plugins.

Here's a definitive list on the state of After Effects plugins right from Adobe.

After Effects CS5 requires 64-bit plug-ins as well as a 64-bit operating system. As plug-in developers release 64-bit versions of their plug-ins, we will list them here. Most plug-in developers are working on 64-bit versions of their tools, and many have announced that their plug-ins will be available at or near the time that After Effects CS5 is available. Check this page often for updates.


Adjusting Vibrancy in Photoshop - HD

Richard Harrington, a trainer for Future Media Concepts, explains a new adjustment in Photoshop CS4 called Vibrancy. He discusses how to use this tool to boost color without making it look flat.


Free Training on DSLR Video

Did you miss the Peachpit Photo Club Webcast? We tackled the topic – Creating Video with your DSLR. If so, here's 90 minutes of free training

Be sure to check out other training on
their site.

Scott Kelby has an archived lesson

Trey Ratcliff has a session June 15


Check out Digital Photo Expereience

  • I was a recent guest on Digital Photo Experience Episode 11. Be sure to check out the show.
This is Episode number 11 of the Digital Photo Experience Podcast with Rick Sammon & Juan Pons.
We hope you enjoy the episode, and if you do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could give us a positive rating on iTunes. Hey, it only takes a minute!
To get the enhanced version of the podcast with images and chapter markers, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here:
DPExperience Podcast on iTunes

Or listen directly here –


Power Cropping Tutorial

I've released a new tutorial over at the website. Learn all bout how to crop your photos. Before you think you know all about cropping, consider these points.

  • Cropping to a specific size
  • Cropping for print and web
  • Using Smart Objects for scaling
  • Non-destructive cropping
  • Perspective cropping

Here's a link to the tutorial.

Digital Convergence Podcasts for DSLR Filmmakers

I was recently interviewwd about a new book – From Still to Motion: A Photographer's Guide to Creating Video with your DSLR

Episode 6 features Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman, who are two of four of the co-authors of the new book from Peachpit: From Still to Motion.

In this episode, Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman talk about what to expect from their new book. Taking a platform agnostic approach and covering a wide range of budgets, they discuss a broad range of topics including unexpected lessons learned, do-it-yourself lighting, camera support and motion, post-production and color grading, sound, stop-motion and time-lapse and a wealth of other topics. I hated to cut short this conversation - it's our longest episode yet. But it's well worth hearing.

Transcoding with MPEG Streamclip

Learn how to convert your DSLR footage for use in a video editing program. From the new book and DVD – From Still to Motion (Peachpit Press).

Cool iPhone Apps for Video Pros

If you're a media pro... here are a few iPhone/iPod Touch apps to check out. I've not played with all of these yet, but they've all been recommended to me (or I've used 'em).


Cool iPhone Apps for Video Pros

If you're a media pro... here are a few iPhone/iPod Touch apps to check out. I've not played with all of these yet, but they've all been recommended to me (or I've used 'em).


Two Workshops in DC Area for SIGGRAPH

I'll be teaching two classes in the Washington, DC area for DC_SIGGRAPH and DC ACM. The workshops are part of their Spring 2010 Professional Development Seminars. These are hands-on workshops that include a textbook.

Understanding Adobe Photoshop
Thursday, March 18 (AM session)

Motion Graphics Toolbox with Adobe Creative Suite
Thursday, March 18 (PM session)

You can register early for a 10% discount (by February 28, 2010). Reference Code (please use when registering): 101

“DC ACM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for meaningful connections between the area’s academics, professionals, and policymakers in the computer science and information technology fields. The proceeds from the seminars support DC ACM activities such as computer science lectures for the general public and awards for junior and senior high school students at regional science fairs.”


I'm teaching Social Media in DC and NYC

I'll be teaching two workshops on social media for Future Media Concepts. These are targeted at business folks of all types who want to learn social media in a practical way.

Description: When used correctly, social media tools can help you reach potential customers and keep your current clients engaged and interested. In this informative session you'll learn practical advice that can be implemented immediately, such as:

  • Using Twitter to share your latest news & keep in touch with your best customers
  • How to set up a corporate page on Facebook to share video, photos, & info
  • Keeping your business leads up to date with LinkedIn
  • Creating enjoyable blog posts and content for your readers

The workshops are
March 9th in DC and March 10th in New York

Doors open at 5:30pm and the class starts runs 6-9pm
The cost is $199


NAPP Helps Celebrate Photoshop's 20th Anniversary

The fine folks over at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals offer up two great things to celebrate Photoshop's 20th anniversary.

First, take their (tough) quiz on Photoshop history.

"The quiz is just for fun, of course, but it’s harder than you might think."
If you’ve got a couple of minutes,
click this link to take the quiz and see how you do.
Second, You can virtually attend the Live Webcast of the big party/presentation/Photoshop love-fest happening this Thursday night (the 18th) in San Francisco celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Photoshop.

(1) You sign up here (it’s free):
(2) The Live Webcast starts at 7:30 pm Pacific Time (10:30 EST).
(3) There are some VERY special guests making an appearance that night.


20 Years of Adobe Photoshop – with Visuals

Photoshop is about to turn 20 years old... yet it seems like yesterday when I had to run it off a floppy disc. The fine folks over at Webdesigner Depot offer 20 Years of Adobe Photoshop with some great tidbits and history.

"The first version of the Photoshop splash screen features just four Photoshop programmers. In subsequent versions, more and more names are added to the list. In more recent versions, a limited number of Adobe VIP’s appear in the splash screen."

You should also check out this great interview with John Knoll, one of the two inventors of the application.


Want to Save Your Processor and Battery from Flash?

So... like many I've been pretty frustrated with Flash video lately. When you visit a site (like this blog) with several Flash players, you can see a huge performance hot. Turns out that Flash can' t hand over that H.264 processing to the graphics card, so it becomes a HUGE processor suck (and RAM.. and battery). You've probably heard about Steve Jobs railing on it being a hog and not allowed on the iPhone.

Well... here's a cool plugin thats free for Mac users... it's called ClicktoFlash and its a plugin that keeps Flash files from auto-loading on Safari.

"Ever wanted to get rid of the scourge of the web that is Adobe Flash, but still retain the ability to view Flash whenever you want? With ClickToFlash, you can! Using ClickToFlash, all of those icky Flash bits that have infected most webpages on the internets are replaced with a nice, smooth gradient and the word "Flash" set in a nice, pleasing font. When you want to view the Flash, just click on it!
The advantages of ClickToFlash are numerous. Since Flash isn't loaded until you specifically ask for it, your CPU usage will stay at normal levels when browsing the web. This has tons of benefits: web browsing stays speedy, your Mac laptop won't get as hot, and your Mac's fan won't come on as often. In fact, we guarantee* that ClickToFlash will quintuple your battery life and that it will protect those precious parts of your body on which you rest your laptop! (*note: not actually guaranteed)"

Be sure to read the rest of the instructions and download here –

You can even use the plugin to force YouTube videos to use the QuickTIme player for H.264 playback. Just click the Gear icon and tweak the preferences.


Free Pass to NAB or $100 Off Conference. – Expires Febraury 19

It's almost time for NAB – The National Association of Broadcasters Conference. If you want a free NAB pass for show floor or to save $100 on any conference — then here's a great offer. Thanks to Creative Cow, visit and enter code CC01 and save — good thru February 19.



Are you looking for an easy way to share presentations online? Then check out With it you can embed slideshows into your own blog or website. You can also sync audio to your slides and make shows public or private.

Here's how:
  1. Uploading Your Presentation – It can be a PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote, or PDF file. Your presentation file should not be password protected and be sure to remove any macros. Not all fonts supported (but you can convert to PDF). Be sure the file is less than 100MB.
  2. Converting Your Presentation – The second step is converting the file to SlideShare’s sharing format. Once uploaded, the file is placed in the conversion queue (this might take a while). You can leave the page and come back later... If there was an error you will need to go to the
    “My Slidespace/Edit All” to find the files that were not successfully converted.
  3. Creating a Slidecast– Slidecasting is a multimedia format from SlideShare. Any slide deck can be synced with an audio file.
  4. Put it all Together – Use the synchronization tools to mix audio and slides.
  5. Publish the presentation.


Gotta Love Free Fonts

You gotta love free fonts... I found a great article over at offering 50 free fonts. These are cleared to use on commercial projects.

"Designers love to have a lot of quality fonts available to them, and fortunately there are some very good free fonts out there. In this post we’ll feature some of the best free fonts that can be used in your commercial designs."
Here are the fonts.
If you’re looking for more, check out these other sites:


DPI vs. Resolution

One misperception we hear time and time again is about resolution. For the record, video graphics are not 72 dpi. First off, dpi stands for dots per inch (as in printing). Photoshop measures graphics using pixels per inch (ppi).

The resolution of this photo has been reassigned from 300 ppi to 72 ppi. The Document Size (in inches) has changed for printed output. The pixel dimensions and file size remain unchanged at 1920 x 1080 pixels (for a 1080 HD video project).

When dealing with video graphics, resolution doesn't matter. The same HD video file can play back on a laptop, a television, or on a digital projector, and the total number of pixels won't change. To see this clearly, stand really close to a big-screen HD TV; the picture looks soft. Now find a smaller display with an HD signal; the picture looks clearer. This is because HD is HD; the bigger the screen the larger each pixel is displayed, but again resolution doesn't change.

Figure 9.2 The enlarged area shows the individual pixels that make up the butterfly image.

Setting Photoshop to Measure in Pixels
Out of the box, Photoshop is set up for a print workflow (biased isn't it?). This is easy to fix with a simple preference change. You can set rulers and other tools to measure using pixels by default (which will make designing for the video screen easy).
  1. Launch Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Press Command+K to call up your Photoshop preferences.
  3. Click the Units & Rulers preference tab.
  4. Click the Rulers menu and set it to pixels.

Great Profile of Stop Animator

A fascinating documentary on Ray Harryhausen who is a prolific stop motion animator. Some of his work you may have seen includes The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, and Clash of the Titans.

Read More to see parts 2–6


Special Video Book and Content Deal

Our friends at the Peachpit User Group Program are making a special offer for all Mac User Groups who are interested delivering both great information on video production and a great price on a Peachpit book to their members.

Peachpit would like to give your group a unique opportunity to provide your members with high-quality articles and video instruction from Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman’s critically acclaimed Peachpit book, Video Made on a Mac: Production and Postproduction using Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite absolutely free.
Get more information – 


Resize Video with After Effects

Do you ever need to size video for web or multimedia? Instead of wasting time processing those clips with your video compression software – use After Effects. You can get cleaner scaling and much faster processing times using AE.

To make things easier... I have made a template project to save you several steps. You can download it here.

Download it
here (it's my Birthday gift to you)

These templates are designed to convert an HD source to a variety of output formats.
  1. Select either the 1080 or 720 source folder.
    2 Locate the correct target format and open the template.
    3 Import a QuickTime movie of your HD source.
    4 Highlight the layer called Replace Me.
    5 Hold down the Option/Alt key and drag your replacement footage onto the solid layer to swap.
    6 Change the comps duration to match your footage layer’s length by choosing Sequence > Settings.
    7 Add to the Render Queue and render to taste.

Feel free to share this post and the link –


A Beautiful (and Sad) Short Film

This short film was shown to me yesterday by Alex Lindsay and Frederick Johnson when I was visiting for This Week in Photography. It's a beautiful documentary about a man who loses his dog to cancer. The whole piece was produced with a Canon 7D. What I like about it is that the filmmaker truly shows an intimate moment (and one I can relate to as a dog lover). The smaller cameras these days (that can shoot in lower light) are letting us tell stories we never good before.
I present Last Minutes with ODEN

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.

Thank You Jason Wood for allowing us this moment.

Oden's struggle with cancer finally came to an end.

May he rest in peace and his memory be eternal.

Comments please....


A Thousand Free Fonts

Always nice to find a free resources. Here are a thousand+ free fonts – The folks at Brands of the World have a ton of great fonts up for download (all totally free).

You can search alphabetically:

Or you can search by style


A Great Game for Typophiles

Here's a game to test your typographic knowledge – It's Cheese or Font?

Video Data Rate Calculator for iPhone

AJA Video Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, announced today the release of AJA DataCalc. AJA DataCalc is a free storage requirement calculator designed for video professionals and is available now as a free download from the Apple iTunes Store here.

Free Font for the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, here's an eggnog-induced new font for your seasonal enjoyment. The nog makes the whole font a bit fuzzy, but if you bump it up to sizes of 100 points or more, people should be able to read it okay. HO HO HO! Enjoy this new font and use it often. And use it BIG, okay?


The New Drobo is Awesome... Come Learn More

We've been playing with the new Drobo Elite at our offices at absolutely love it. It's a great 8 bay unit (for desktop or rack-mount). It's fast enough for HD video editing, it can expand as you grow, and it works fantastically well.

Join me for an educational seminar on Thursday, December 10, 2009 where we review how it (and the rest of the Drobo line) can benefit video editors, motion graphics artists, and videographers.

The event starts at 8:30 AM Pacific / 11:30 AM Eastern. Its a 30 minute seminar and you can ask any questions you want.

We've been putting it into play with our tapeless workflow and have been very pleased.

Sign up for your spot here –


Have You Joined "From Still to Motion" Yet?

As a part of our new book "From Still to Motion – A photographer's guide to creating video with your DSLR" we've created a new Facebook page.

Over at Facebook you can connect with other users... exchange ideas... share resources!

Here's a sampling of recent stories.

  • Zacuto custom rig for Panavision + Canon 7D setup
  • Photoshop World adds a new DSLR video workshop
  • HDMI capture of live stream for Canon 7D
  • Almost everything you need to know about aliasing in DSLR video
  • Canon 7D Test - Greenscreen

Join us and share your ideas for the book and footage tests.


Layers Magazine Design Contest

Layers Magazine is running a great contest:

“How would you like a chance to win a 1.5-TB Guardian MAXimus quad interface hard drive and $200 dollars in Fotolia credits, both courtesy of Fotolia? We thought so. Just show us your killer design skills, and before you know it, it could be you downloading a ton of awesome images from Fotolia to your brand-new hard drive. And as an added perk, we'll publish the winning entry in the January/February 2010 issue of Layers magazine. So how do you win these great prizes? All you have to do is enter the Layers Back Page Design Contest.”

Here’s the official rules

Great New App to Learn Photoshop

The extraordinary trainer, Terry White has released an iPhone app called "Learn Adobe Creative with Terry White" which gives you access to nearly 300 Video Tutorials. Terry is a great podcaster and trainer with a lot of passion for Adobe software.

You also get access to bonus content that won't be posted anywhere else. The app also lets you download the videos to your iTunes library so you can watch when you are not online.

The "Learn the Creative Suite with Terry White" app is available for both the iPhone and the iPod touch. You can
get it from the App Store for $1.99.


Clean Up Your Mac's Hard Drive for Free

I just found a great shareware tool called Daisy Disk that graphically shows the contents of your hard drive. It gives you a great visual map of what's on your drive and makes it easy to drill down and clean up files. The best news? It's currently free as part of the MacHeist promotion. Visit their site and solve the puzle (look at the top banner for a clue). Then tweet your results and you get the software for free.

For example... I saved over 1.5 GB of space in just a few minutes.

  1. I used it to identify some HUGE template files for Apple Motion on my internal drive.
  2. I then opened up the files with QuickTime Pro. They were Photo-JPEG and Animation codec files (both beefy).
  3. I converted the Photo JPEG to Apple ProRes 422 and the Animtion to Apple ProRes 444.
  4. Voila.. space saved.

I am currently on a seek and destroy mission to locate large downloads and forgotten files. If you are a little weary, back up your drive before you start the purge in case you trash a needed file.


Web Safe Fonts

This is awesome... a colleague of mine Jason Cranford Teague, has posted some great resources about web typography. My favorite is this useful desktop pattern of web safe fonts.

There is also an incredible
directory of fonts installed on Mac and Windows computers.


Great Archive for Free Textures

I need to use textures all the time when creating graphics. From backgrounds to text treatments... a good realistic texture adds weight and impact.

I recently found a great website with a bunch of free, high-resolution textures. Be sure to check out

“ is devoted to providing a site which is useful for all types artists.”

Free is good... "good" free is even better.


Design Police Strike Back

If you've ever fought back the urge to pull out a red sharpie to mark up a sign or poster, then you'll like these stickers. There's a new website called Design Police that offers handy labels for identifying designer gaffes. While the labels are good for a laugh... I am sorely tempted to actually print these out on adhesive sheets. Be sure to click through all five pages... or download the set as a PDF.


Free Textures from the Texture King

I saw this mentioned over at Scott Kelby's blog. If you need hi-res textures, for free, then be sure to check out the Texture King website. There's more than 250 images to choose from including glass, fabric, rust, metal, and wood. The images are totally free to use in any project and its a great site to check out.

Two Funniest Videos Ever Made (About Type)


Join the Facebook Fan Page

Many of you will notice that I am far better at posting to my Facebook fan page and to Twitter than I am to my blogs. This is due in large part to the fact that I can’t blog via my iPhone (but can easily post to Twitter and Facebook). So if you can’t beat em... join em.

Richard Harrington on Facebook

New Nikon Gear Announced

Nikon announced two new cameras and a few new lenses. Scott Kelby has a great update at his site.

Be sure to check out the
full article by Scott as well as the official Nikon release.

A Great Example of Stop Motion Animation

ympus has released a re-imagined Pen Camera. The original was released 50 years ago, and cost about a a third less than conventional cameras. The camera was known for trying new technologies and innovative ideas throughout its history.The new camera allows for several lenses as well as HD video.

To celebrate the new launch, the company commissioned a very cool stop motion commercial.
- Shot 60.000 pictures
- Developed 9.600 prints
- Shot over 1.800 pictures again.

Oh… and no post production!

Cool tutorial on lighting for photographers

Check out this cool tutorial on lighting for photographers from Robert Louis Vanelli. In this video tutorial you will learn how to light a subject using multiple lights and what each of those lights do for the overall lighting scheme.


Want a Free Book?

Peachpit is offering a cool deal. Try out Safari Books Online and get a free book. Of course, you’ll have questions.

Q: What’s
Safari Books Online?
A: It’s a ton of books you can read online from publishers like Peachpit, O’Reilly, and others.

Q: Is it really
A: Sign up for the trial... order a book. If you don’t like, cancel within the 10-day trial period. Otherwise they bill you for first month (which is about the cost of a book).

Q: Which Books are Free?
A: There are 10 to choose from.

  • Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4 – Stephanie Sullivan, Greg Rewis
  • Building Findable Websites: Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond – Aarron Walter
  • A Project Guide to UX Design – Russ Unger, Carolyn Chandler
  • Online Communities Handbook – Anna Buss, Nancy Strauss
  • Mac OS X Leopard Killer Tips – Scott Kelby
  • The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes –Joe McNally
  • The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers – Martin Evening
  • The Photoshop Elements 7 Book for Digital Photographers – Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski
  • Facebook Me! A Guide to Having Fun with Your Friends and Promoting Your Projects on Facebook –Dave Awl
  • SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate – Joel Postman


Smart Objects - Photoshop for Video

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial from, learn how to use smart objects in CS4 to enhance your workflow. This tutorial is part of a series available at


Tech Shopping Deals

There are lots of shopping deals this weekend.... Here are a few that I’ve already taken advantage of.

Delkin Devices25% off and free shipping. This includes a Blu-ray burner, multiple types of card readers (I ordered a 4 card reader to load from 4 Compact Flash cards at once)! Use the code HOLIDAY during checkout.

equinox – Makers of useful software utilities like Coverscout (to get iTunes artwork) and several templates for OSX mail. I ordered the tube stick bundle for $99 that lets you record over-the-air digital TV signals to your Mac, then transcode them for use on iPod or iPhone. Several bundles that are 50% off.

Mophie Get the JuicePack for iPhone and iPod Touch. Doubles your battery life and makes for a long day of web work on the device. Take 25% off this weekend. Use the code gobblegobble3G.

Hop you enjoy... I get nothing from links... this is just what I spent money on and thought the deals were good.


Scott Kelby's Holiday Gift Guide is Great

Noted author Scott Kelby has released his annual gift guide. What’s great about the list is that there are some really cool tools on there for photogs and even hobbyists. It’s nothing but the coolest photography and Photoshop gear.

“Since many of you are new to the gear guide, I wanted to let you know how I make my picks each year, and why I think it’s different than most other guides you’ll find out there these days. Put simply, every item in here is stuff I actually use, it’s stuff I’m crazy about, and now it’s become stuff I can’t live without (which is sad, in a way), and it’s the same stuff I recommend to my friends (well, my friends with room on their Visa cards).”

I agree with several of his picks, already using things like the Hoodman Loupe and Boda Bag myself. Be sure to check it out.

Photoshop CS4 – Color Range Command

Richard Harrington shows you how to use the color range command and how CS4 makes it even easier to make a localized selection.

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our
iTunes version.

Photoshop Disasters Makes Me Laugh

We’ve mentioned them before... but the website Photoshop Disasters has a wealth of great new posts. You just gotta check them out...


Photoshop CS4 – Little Things

Richard Harrington shows you the small but important updates and features new to Photoshop CS4 .

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our
iTunes version.

Photoshop CS4 – Video Improvements

Richard Harrington shows you how to size pictures for video and work with video files in Photoshop CS4 .

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our
iTunes version.

Photoshop CS4 – Printing

Richard Harrington shows you new printing features in Photoshop CS4 , including the ability to do 16-bit printing.

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our
iTunes version.

Dodge, Blur, Burn, and Sharpen in Photoshop CS4

Richard Harrington shares tips on the new, subtly refined tools in Photoshop CS4 to help get the results you want with your images.

Photoshop CS4 – Dodge, Burn & Sponge

Richard Harrington shows you the improvements that Photoshop CS4 brings to the dodge, burn and sponge tools.

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our
iTunes version.

Photoshop CS4 – 3D Features

Richard Harrington shows you how to use 3D layers and 3D models in Photoshop CS4 .

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our iTunes version.

Photoshop CS4 – Enhanced Panoramic Photomerge

Richard Harrington shows you how to use smart objects and how they have been improved in Photoshop CS4 .

Here is the action mentioned in the video.

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our iTunes version.

PeachpitTV - Quick Tips for Using Aperture

Author Richard Harrington shares tips on how to do some basic adjustments to images in Aperture.


More Free Photoshop Tutorials I've Done

Looking for some more, free Photoshop training? Here are a few more tutorials I’ve done... these are from Enjoy!

Refining Edges in Photoshop CS4
Cropping in Photoshop CS4
Dodge, Blur, Burn, and Sharpen in Photoshop CS4
Aligning Images in Photoshop CS


Photoshop CS4 Just Around the Corner

Want to find out everything new in Adobe Creative Suite 4? Trust me... there’s some really cool things coming. Adobe has an invitation out to view their Web broadcast on September 23rd. But you do need to go to the sign-up page at

By the way... we are going to be releasing something very special on the 23rd as well as a “thank you” to all our viewers. Be sure to stick around and keep an eye out.


PeachpitTV: Author Tips – Making Adjustments in Aperture


PeachpitTV: Quick Selection Using Color Range in Photoshop


New Site to Find Out All About Us

To make things easier, we’ve put together a new website for RHED Pixel Productions. Here you can find out information about all our podcasts, books, DVDs, and websites.

Feel free to take a quick browse and try out some of our new resources. I hope you enjoy!


PeachpitTV: Moment it Clicks interview with Richard Harrington

A short video about photography and composition


New Photos from Red Rock

Here’s are two new slideshows I put together to show off four things.

1. Some new photos from Red Rock National Park on Las Vegas.
2. The new graphics plug-in
Sliver Efex from Nik Software.
Animoto Music Videos.

Photoshop Express Slideshows.

Enjoy and be sure to check out #2 - #4... if you are in Vegas... set aside half a day and visit Red Rock as well.


Creating a Photo Portfolio with Keynote

I showed this technique at Photoshop World in my portfolios class.

“Author Richard Harrington shows you how to make a photography portfolio using keynote.”


Great Black and White Conversion Resource

  • Julieanne Kost from Adobe has posted a great resource for converting color images to grayscale using Photoshop.
PSCS3 Black and White Options via Smart Objects (20MB PSD file)
  • To use this template, first open and crop your desired image to 540 x 366 pixels at 72 ppi. Note: you can crop the entire image, or focus in on a smaller, more important part of it.
  • Flatten your cropped file and select "Save As" to save the cropped file as "FileNameFlatLowRes.psd"
  • Then open the template, click on any one of the smart object layers in the layers palette. Select Layer > Smart Object > Replace Contents, and navigate to select your cropped, low resolution, flattened file.
  • After the images are replaced, choose the best looking conversion, open your original high resolution file, and drag and drop the adjustment layer from the template to the high res file. Voila!

Be sure to check out
her great site for more resources.

The Most Important Piece of Paperwork for Your Projects

I often preach extensively about project management at design and creative conferences around the globe. The one piece of paperwork that I always emphasize is completing a scoping document for a project then getting the client to sign off and accept it. This one piece of papaerwork can solve all sorts of problems and is really worth the 2-5 hours it takes to write. The outline is as follows.

Project Scoping Document

( 2 - 1 0 p a g e s )
  • Project Name
  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Project Scope (High Level)
  • Project Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Organizations
  • Interfaces Required
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Risks
  • Rewards
  • Budgets
  • Schedules (Due Dates)
  • Project Team Readiness
  • Key Roles
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Business Experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Signature Lines - Sign Off “Charter”

Collaborative Note Taker for Mac

SubEthaEdit - $35 [Mac]
Having creative sessions and want to keep notes? This application is the perfect note taker. It allows you to collaborate on one open document across your network. It’s also rendezvous enabled so it’s easy for other Mac users to join in. Nice features such as color-coding for each user as well as time stamping make this a flexible tool.

If you need some groupthink without the use of a projector... then this is a perfect tool.

14 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website

I don’t live in the world of website creation every day... but I’ve been putting up sites since the launch of Mosaic back with PageMill 1.0. I may be a little slow.. but here’s fourteen questions I recommend getting answers to before you build a site (feel free to comment and I’ll expand the list).

Project Planning Sheet – Website


1) What main points do you wish to make with your website? (No more than five)
2) Who is the audience? (Please be specific)
3) What is the market’s current attitude toward your company?
4) What objections to potential customers have to your company?
5) What do you want the consumer to think after they see your website?
6) What do you want the consumer to feel after they see your website?
7) What do you want want the consumer to do after they see your website?
8) What Five adjectives describe the look and feel of your future website?
9) Are there any special features or design ideas you have about your website?


10) Who will be involved with creating the content of the website?
11) Who has final website approval?
12) What are your deadlines?
13) Is your domain registered? If so, what is the URL and where is it registered?
14) Have you selected a web hosting company?

NOTE: Please send any relevant documents or promotional material that will affect the content of your website


New Book for Teachers

I've got a new book that's going to press this week. It's a short one, but is designed to help teacher's use Apple's iLife and iWork in the classroom. I come from a family of teachers (having 5 elementary teachers and 2 college instructors in my immediate clan). I really hope this book inspires teachers to fully integrate digital media into their lessons.

Apple Training Series:
A Teacher's Guide to Digital Media in the Classroom

by Richard Harrington with Ted Lai
Price: $19.99
Release Date: August 8, 2008

Product Description
In this Apple-certified guide, Richard Harrington shows teachers how to integrate digital media arts into their existing curriculum using iLife ’08, iWork ’08, and practical, step-by-step projects. Developed in collaboration with the Pearson Education Foundation in accordance with the National Educational Technology Standards council, the book includes class-room tested guidelines from the Foundation's Digital Media Arts program, as well as inspirational profiles of successful digital media classroom projects around the world. Designed to be used with Apple Training Series: iLife ’08 and Apple Training Series: iWork 08, this guide covers everything from designing a photo essay to creating polished video projects, and will have teachers and students producing websites, podcasts, video blogs, and DVDs in no time. Students learn to:

• Express a Feeling: Create a photo-essay slideshow, add sound, and publish it on the web
• Make a Factual Case: Track data in a spreadsheet, organize it into charts, then deliver it as a Keynote presentation
• Make a Persuasive Case: Research an issue, develop an argument, and create a PSA in iMovie and burn it to DVD
• Solve a Problem: Reconcile income and expenses in a household budget and chart financial scenarios
• Tell a Story: Document the personal history of a community leader in a short, sophisticated movie

To order the book,
click here.


Making Your Photos Look Great On DVD & More!

I was interviewed by about Photoshop and creating a portfolio. Here it is.. enjoy.

“At the 2007 Photoshop World in Las Vegas, I sat down with Peachpit Press and Focal Press author Richard Harrington, and we discussed the issues involved in creating DVDs that make your photographs look their best. If you have ever been confused about the proper resolution to prepare files for DVD, television, or video projection, then Richard’s Tips and Tricks will fill in the blanks! Rich is the author of “Photoshop for Video”, and “Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital Image Concepts and Techniques.” and if you are working with digital photography, Photoshop, or Lightroom, and need to show others your photos then listen in to this interview! Recorded at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Photoshop World Conference, in Las Vegas, in September 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 6/28/08 (24:09)”


PSV#82 Batch Processing with Droplets - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to batch process a whole folder of images by using actions & droplets.


PSV#81 Age a Photo - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shares some techniques on how to age a photograph in Photoshop.


PSV#80 Distressing Text Edges - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to use a patterned image to degrade the edges of your text for a unique text effect in Photoshop.


PSV#80 Distressing Text Edges - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to use a patterned image to degrade the edges of your text for a unique text effect in Photoshop.


Sharing Internet Connections

Author and video podcaster Richard Harrington explains how you can take your wireless broadband card and share that internet connection with others on location.


PSV#77 Making Selections: Channels - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to make great selections using channels in Photoshop.


Great Tutorial on Vanishing Point Exchange

Steve Holmes has a great tutorial over at Layers Magazine on using the Vanishing Point features in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. The tutorial is totally free and Steve does a great job.

“Without a doubt, the best new feature in After Effects CS3 is the Vanishing Point Exchange with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. Creating very believable 3D movements from quite simple 2D digital photographs has to be seen to be believed, and the best thing is it’s a pretty easy process. However, there are a few caveats to keep an eye out for, so let’s take a trip into the world of two-dee three-dee!”

Check the whole thing out


PSV#76 Making Selections: Calculations - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to make great selections using channels in Photoshop.


Get Your Free Podcasts in One Convenient Place

Apple iTunes just promoted my company to network status. You can find all of our "in-house" technical training podcasts on a single page now.

I encourage you to
take a look at our several shows.

Understanding Adobe Photoshop – iPod and HD – A general interest show about Photoshop for beginners and intermediates
Photoshop for Video – iPod and HD – A show about creating graphics for video pros and motion graphic designers
Producing Video Podcasts – iPod and HD – A show that offers both production and post tips for making video for the web
Final Cut Help – iPod – Weekly tips about using Final Cut Studio

Remember, the podcasts are totally free, all we ask is you post a review to the iTunes store and tell a friend.

Animoto Creates Rocking Slideshows

Looking for something different? I discovered
Animoto at this year's SXSW conference... Load up your photos, pick a song, and within a few minutes you have a rocking music video. You can use their cleared music or load up your own. Thirty-second movies are free, full-length videos cost $3. You can get a full year's access for $30.

The whole process is a piece of cake. Be sure to check them out – 
here. You can post the videos to a website, download them for an iPod, or even use YouTube to share. The videos you download

Here are a two more of mine that you can check out.


Great Archive for Free Textures

I need to use textures all the time when creating graphics. I recently found a great website with a bunch of free, high-resolution textures. Be sure to check out “ is devoted to providing a site which is useful for all types artists.”

Free is good... "good" free is even better.


Great Mac Shareware Bundle

I've taken part in MacUpdate's bundle deals for a while now... here's their latest and greatest. This deal runs out soon.

“MacUpdate has partnered with 11 Mac developers to bring you a great software bundle. You can buy this bundle for $49.99 instead of $666.74, a savings of $616.75 This amazing offer is time limited so buy today.”

Here are my favorites from the bundle
  • ForkLift – A useful FTP application
  • RapidWeaver – A great website and blogging tool, how this website is made.
  • Xslimmer –Trim an applications by removing universal versions (going to just PPC or Intel) as well as Internationalization files.
  • Yep – A really cool cataloging tool for PDF files
  • SRS iWOW – Makes iTunes sound great on a laptop.
  • XMIND 2008 Pro – A mind-mapping application that helps creative types get their ideas down.
  • iStabilize – A REALLY good image stabilization program for shaky footage.
  • PulpMotion – A surprisingly useful motion graphics tool with some cool templates


Which Photoshop is Right for You?

Seems many folks are confused by the wealth of Photoshop choices on the market... (Do I need Elements or Extended?) With five different products baring the Photoshop name, a little bit of sorting is in order.
Fortunately Adobe has all five products
compared on one single page to make your shopping process a little easier. What's nice is that they clearly break down the features as well as the target industries and activities for each program.
While you're there, you can read a quick blurb on
Photoshop’s 20 year history.


Understanding Adobe Photoshop Needs Your Help

I suspect that many of you may be viewers of the Understanding Adobe Photoshop podcast... I really need your help.

The show is starting to get some major attention (all of it good that will let me do MORE episodes and give away more stuff on the site). But I really need to get its iTunes review score and its ranking up.

So... please
click here, to go to iTunes and post a review (the negative reviews are pretty much from when we first launched and had episodes go down for a few days).

Some recent facts:

1. ALL the back episodes are now live on the page thanks to the folks at Podango. So even if you are a subscriber,
visit the iTunes page and download any missing shows.

2. The show was named to iTunes Photoshop Masters page (really... I had no idea there was such a page). Congrats to Scott Kelby, Terry White, Russell Brown, Matt Klowskowski and Jan Kabili (all peers).

3. We re-branded the show with cool graphics (heck, replace your old shows with new ones).

4. ALL shows are now 640 X 480 (so again replace those old episodes with higher res versions).

Go.... PLEASE.... Really!



A New Blog on Digital Video

If you'll be at the Podcast and New Media Expo show this weekend, consider checking out these free classes on the show floor. Podango is offering an “Unconference,” a featured program of the Podcast and New Media Expo (PNME) taking place September 28-30, at the Ontario Convention Center.

Podango, the online video and audio network that enables publishers and advertisers to “get heard” by today’s hard-to-reach, niche audiences, is heralding a wide range of topics and speakers. They include: new media pioneer Scott Bourne, host of The Apple Phone Show; Paige Heninger and Gretchen Vogelzang, hosts of MommyCast; as well as Jason Van Orden, David Lawrence and others. Speakers will share ideas for building and monetizing audiences in today’s niche-oriented, interest-driven new media marketplace.

I’m Back in the Pasture

If you'll be at the Podcast and New Media Expo show this weekend, consider checking out these free classes on the show floor. Podango is offering an “Unconference,” a featured program of the Podcast and New Media Expo (PNME) taking place September 28-30, at the Ontario Convention Center.

Podango, the online video and audio network that enables publishers and advertisers to “get heard” by today’s hard-to-reach, niche audiences, is heralding a wide range of topics and speakers. They include: new media pioneer Scott Bourne, host of The Apple Phone Show; Paige Heninger and Gretchen Vogelzang, hosts of MommyCast; as well as Jason Van Orden, David Lawrence and others. Speakers will share ideas for building and monetizing audiences in today’s niche-oriented, interest-driven new media marketplace.

Really Cool Actions for Photoshop

I've been meaning to post on this for a while (I am knee-deep in 4 books right now). Came across some incredible Photoshop actions from the talented The new Analysis action set contains 23 different looks that can make your photos into books, filmstrips, and photo spreads. What's nice is that these actions add realistic lighting and edges for a very believable effect. Another bonus is that things remain layered which means you can perform some level of animation in After Effects (or even the Photoshop CS3 timeline). The set cost $10, but is quite nice and a strong entry into my toolbox. If you'd like to see the quality of PanosFX, check out their generous Freebies. Quite a lot of cool things in there.


New Resource Page - Free Images

We've added a brand new page to our Resources section. Come search for “free” images at various government agency sites. Several websites offer images that are either public domain or have very generous usage rights. Be sure to read usage terms at each site.

We call them “free” as they were paid for with U.S. tax dollars (which means they are now free to use). Start to
explore now and find images for your next project (many of these are high-resolution as well!) Please share this page with your friends or students.

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