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Macdinked – Word of the Day

In my efforts to keep you a member of the techno-elite, I bring you a new tech word.

MACDINKED – verb: When a designer (or client) continues to tweak a project beyond an appropriate level because they are technologically capable of doing so.

This word was brought to my attention by my Dad (and yes... I felt slightly aghast that he was more plugged in). Feel free to comment or add your own.

I'd love to hear any other tech words that have popped up into modern vocabularies.


A Very Funny Cartoon for Video Editors


Thanks to the Onion for making me laugh.... You need to head over to their site and check out other great infographics.,7107/

The Real Way Zoom and Enhance Works

For those in the film, video, or photo industry – CLASSIC!


A Funny New Photoshop Video


After Effects Material Controls are Often Overlooked

In the rush to design, many motion graphic artists skip the advanced controls inside the Material Options category. These are essential as the refine how a 3D light interacts with your 3D layer. The properties that affect appearance the most are Diffuse, Specular, Shininess, and Metal.

The only changes made to the scene above were modifications to the Material Options. No other settings with lights were modified. The Material Options are powerful controls that are often overlooked. When you're first exploring Material Options, try lowering or raising their values one property at a time.

  1. To start, drop all of the values to 0% to remove the effect of the lights.
  2. Next slowly increase the Specular value. This will add a hotspot to your layer (it may get quite blown out). This value controls how reflective the layer is. The bigger the number the brighter the reflection.
  3. Raise the Shininess property which will cause the light to show specular highlights. The bigger the number the smaller the highlight.
  4. Use the Diffuse property to soften the results generated by the Specular and Shininess properties. This will soften the transition between lights and darks.
  5. Raising metal property will lower the color distinction between the darker areas and the highlight, but the highlight will still be brighter. It also affects how much the layer's color influences the color of the reflection.

From the new Adobe Press book – Motion Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Studio Techniques


Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl


Bad Movie Poster Touchup

Gotta love when they decide a movie poster is too risqué. "Fixed" it on one part of the page, but not the other. Even take out some of the blood. I Spit On Your Grave.... which just screams for a remake due to its dramatic use of cinematic undertones and a compelling message of a woman's struggle. (WHY?)- Burn Hollywood.... Burn.


The History of Comic Sans

This is a great short video about the history of Comic Sans and is told by the font's designer. It's really quite funny and he has a great sense of humor about it all.

And a little more followup.

Maybe I'll use it on a client project ;)

If Video Games Were Real

A little morning pixels for your enjoyment... this is awesome work.

Pixels – by Patrick Jean


OK Go’s Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine

This is a great music video and engineering feat.

Plus check out this great article from Wired that goes behind the scenes.


We Got That B-Roll

This is a funny video (thanks to John Nack for pointing it out). For those not in the know, b-roll is typically stock footage that helps illustrate what a video project is about. It covers up the A-roll (or talking head and narration parts). For those in the video industry, you'll love the "That's not B-roll" line.


A Great Game for Typophiles

Here's a game to test your typographic knowledge – It's Cheese or Font?

Some Cool Holiday Animations

Two very cool animations for the holidays... enjoy!


Design Police Strike Back

If you've ever fought back the urge to pull out a red sharpie to mark up a sign or poster, then you'll like these stickers. There's a new website called Design Police that offers handy labels for identifying designer gaffes. While the labels are good for a laugh... I am sorely tempted to actually print these out on adhesive sheets. Be sure to click through all five pages... or download the set as a PDF.


A Great Animation Made in Real Life

This is a great animation from the group – Blu. It is an animation painted on public walls. The short film was made in Buenos Aires and in Baden.

Best Prize Ever

So last night, I attended a sneak peak preview session on PowerPoint 2010. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and what new features are going to be useful to my clients. I also won a "sweet" door prize.

I am open to ideas on how to use this shirt.

Here's a sneak peek on some of the new transition animations. Looks like video support is finally getting its due as well.


Online Morphing with the Face Transformer

Got to love the Internet. The fine folks over at St. Andrew’s University have released the Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer. It allows you to change the age, race or sex of a facial image. You first have to upload an image, and then you can experiment.
Give it a try.

New Multi-Touch Technology from Pixar?

Maybe you've heard about the iPhone and its multi-touch awareness? Pretty cool stuff... but why stop there? Touch technology is all the rage with both Apple and Microsoft getting in on the act. Well Pixar (owned by Steve Jobs) is joining the race.

I was shopping at Toys-R-Us with my three-year-old and we discovered the following new development in multi-touch technology.

Simple Motion Awareness for Children (SMAC) a new innovation in Children's Toys and Electronics. Interactivity for kids and hours of fun. Its awareness system can detect input from a child and responds with appropriate interactivity.

What will they think of next?
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