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Site logo

Free Music for Video Projects

A nice source to find royalty free or public domain licensed music you might want to check out

"The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. The Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet.
Every mp3 you discover on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws that were not designed for the digital era. Are you a podcaster looking for pod-safe audio? A radio or video producer searching for instrumental bed music that won't put your audience to sleep? A remix artist looking for pre-cleared samples? Or are you simply looking for some new sounds to add to your next playlist? The Free Music Archive is a resource for all that and more, and unlike other websites, all of the audio has been hand-picked by established audio curators."

Pre-Processing for Video-Sharing Sites

There are hundreds of websites that offer embeddable players based on Flash technology. For many, this is a key way to embed content on their website and share with others. In this case, you are using the hosting services of the video-sharing site as well as their embeddable players.

While many take a role the dice approach, we believe in pre-processing clips before we upload. By taking matters into your own hands, you can get better looking clips in the final player. You can also get around some of the file size limits that can impede the duration of the video.

Let's take a look at two of the most popular services, YouTube and Facebook. The techniques discussed however can be applied to many other sites as well.

On-Camera Interview Tips

  • Have talent/interviewee bring an alternate set of clothing.
  • Herringbone, stripes, or small patterns do not look good on camera.
  • Keep jewelry simple.
  • Do not allow interviewees to wear bright white. Cream, eggshell, or light gray are preferred.
  • Utilize a make-up artist. People give a better interview when they look good. Decision-makers favor approval copies when their people look professional.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.
  • “Edit in the Camera.” Encourage short answers and come back to topics again. Better to focus on good, tight answers, than trying to cobble together six takes to make your point.
  • Avoid enumeration or the phrase “Like I said before.” It is highly likely that you may use step three, without steps one and two. You also wouldn’t be asking the question again, if you were happy with what the answer was “before.”
  • Don’t be afraid to stop and start over. Do not let an answer ramble on. Smiles and nods encourage subjects that they are ‘on-target.’
  • Relax.

| Review

One of our favorite services has to be This robust site let’s you publish your video to many outlets (including nontraditional ones like TiVo and internet connected TVs). In fact the company claims that its network “reaches more than 80% of Americans on the Internet and a growing number of television households.”

We really like how flexible is in that you can choose your distribution format. You have options to use Flash, MPEG-4, QuickTime, and more. Their player is also highly customizable and can be fully branded to your site or brand.

The service has both a free version and a paid version at $8 per month. The paid version offers priority encoding so your files are available in multiple formats. This is a great feature as it lets others re-syndicate your content using a player of their choice. The control panel for the site is very robust, and gives you complete control over targeting specific networks and social media sites.


How we use Drobos at RHED Pixel

We've been using storage systems from Drobo in our shop for quite some time now. We've got the entire office wired so we can share HD video projects to any workstation. We've also been backing up files from our HD shoots with Drobo Pros. We've been quite happy with the arrangement and Drobo asked us to explain our workflow.
You can check it out here –


Free Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder is dead... In it's place is the Expression Encoder 4. There's a ton of new features, but the biggest for me is that it finally recognizes QuickTime files. If you are on a Mac, you'll need to run it under VMWare or BootCamp. But it's a free application (with a more advanced version for free). Be sure to check it out —


TubeMogul Review

The OneLoad service from TubeMogul ( offers both a robust free version (which allows for 100 videos per month) and a scaled paid service with advanced features for large publishers (priced at $50 per month and up). The principal benefit here is that it offers a single point for deploying videos to the top video and social networking sites.

You first set up accounts at any of the 30 sites supported by TubeMogul. You then upload a video to TubeMogul’s site and it is sent onto the other sites. This means you need to spend a little time setting things up, but once you’ve published more than two videos, this method is substantially faster. The site also offers detailed analytics (for supported sites), that can show real-time viewership, geographic tracking, stream quality and more.

Now I Really Want a BMW

BMW introduces the next level of automotive consumer electronic device integration by supporting Apple's new iPod Out functionality. The new feature allows applications on Apple devices to be controlled and experienced with the iDrive interface concept.

Of course my kids would probably destroy it.... maybe they's loan me one.


Steve Jobs Interview at D8 Conference

I've been waiting for this entire interview to go live. Here is the full, uncut interview with Steve Jobs at this year's D8 Conference. The interview is by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg on the New York Times.

"The wide-ranging chat runs for more than 90 minutes, and covers everything from Jobs’ fraying relationship with Google (GOOG) to his stance on Adobe’s (ADBE) Flash, to his lack of interest in the TV market. And, of course, a lot of iPad talk. Enjoy."

Here's the link here –


My Favorite New Geek Shirt


I just ordered this new shirt for my geek collection.... Couldn't resist. It spoke to my inner geek on two levels.

Fifteen dollars well spent –


HTML5 Demo


Apple has released a new demo of what is possible with HTML 5. This is a very cool gallery of how the new technology can be employed.
Here's the top demos –

Web developers can learn more here –
In fact the developers page has 14 demos.... including a very cool movie trailer viewer and Photo Gallery.


Keep up on the latest RHED Pixel news

My company often gets the chance to work on some pretty cool things.

If you'd like a new way to keep in touch, we have a Facebook page.

Head on over and check it out.


Get Your Facebook Privacy Settings right
You've likely heard the recent complaints about Facebook sharing too much information. Turns out fixing your settings can be a little overwhelming with buried options and more than two dozen pages. It's getting pretty tough to get your Facebook privacy right. Fortunately there's

This site will analyze your current settings, make recommendations, and then point you to the right tab in Facebook to fix it.

This site is highly recommended, free, and easy to use.


Google announces Google TV

I'm all for more paths into the living room for content creators. But I can't help feel that we've already tried this a few times.


Google Chrome Speed Tests

Google did some pretty cool speed tests with High Speed photography.

Check out the "making of video" to see how they did it.


Create a Client Screener Disc

Check out this video to learn more about creating a screener disc for your clients. You can also visit the website in order to download sample files.


I'm teaching Social Media in DC and NYC


I'll be teaching two workshops on social media for Future Media Concepts. These are targeted at business folks of all types who want to learn social media in a practical way.

Description: When used correctly, social media tools can help you reach potential customers and keep your current clients engaged and interested. In this informative session you'll learn practical advice that can be implemented immediately, such as:

  • Using Twitter to share your latest news & keep in touch with your best customers
  • How to set up a corporate page on Facebook to share video, photos, & info
  • Keeping your business leads up to date with LinkedIn
  • Creating enjoyable blog posts and content for your readers

The workshops are
March 9th in DC and March 10th in New York

Doors open at 5:30pm and the class starts runs 6-9pm
The cost is $199


Startup Memories of Adobe Photoshop

In this documentary, the founders of Adobe Photoshop - John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman - tell the story of how an amazing coincidence of circumstances, that came together at just the right time 20 years ago, spawned a cultural paradigm shift unparalleled in our lifetime.


Google Takes on Social Networking

This is just a quick post.... I finally headed over to Google's site to check out Google Buzz – the Big G's take on social networking.
My quick thoughts –
  1. If you love Gmail.... you'll probably like it.
  2. It seems to want to put Facebook and Picassa front and center.
  3. I don't like that it tries to "help" you and automatically follows the people you email the most. Just because I email a client a lot does NOT mean I want to follow them (or them me). A lot of clients do socialize with me via Facebook, but that is a CHOICE. Do not make decisions for me.
  4. It imports Twitter.... I wonder how they feel about that? Wouldn't be surprised if they blocked it. Same thing with flickr (a Yahoo property).
  5. I love Facebook and Twitter... but they are VERY different. This seems to be trying to be "both and more." When is that a good thing?
  6. "Buzz recommends interesting posts and weeds out ones you're likely to skip." Uh-huh... just like those incredibly effective Google Ads you sere up when I do a search that have little to NOTHING to do with what I'm interested in?
  7. It seems to be Google Wave... take 2. Except Google Wave is still around. I got an invite... but only a few people I know use it. Unlike say Facebook.
So... here's the link –
Me... I'm skeptical as hell.


Create a Line Item Budget in iWork '09

This line says it best – "Budgets lead to money and money leads to exciting things"

Check out more shows from MacBreak –


Free Pass to NAB or $100 Off Conference. – Expires Febraury 19

It's almost time for NAB – The National Association of Broadcasters Conference. If you want a free NAB pass for show floor or to save $100 on any conference — then here's a great offer. Thanks to Creative Cow, visit and enter code CC01 and save — good thru February 19.



Are you looking for an easy way to share presentations online? Then check out With it you can embed slideshows into your own blog or website. You can also sync audio to your slides and make shows public or private.
Here's how:
  1. Uploading Your Presentation – It can be a PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote, or PDF file. Your presentation file should not be password protected and be sure to remove any macros. Not all fonts supported (but you can convert to PDF). Be sure the file is less than 100MB.
  2. Converting Your Presentation – The second step is converting the file to SlideShare’s sharing format. Once uploaded, the file is placed in the conversion queue (this might take a while). You can leave the page and come back later... If there was an error you will need to go to the
    “My Slidespace/Edit All” to find the files that were not successfully converted.
  3. Creating a Slidecast– Slidecasting is a multimedia format from SlideShare. Any slide deck can be synced with an audio file.
  4. Put it all Together – Use the synchronization tools to mix audio and slides.
  5. Publish the presentation.


Media Placeholder in Apple Pages

Richard Harrington shows Alex Lindsay how to streamline document updates with a customized media placeholder in Pages '09.


Using Video in a Keynote Presentation

Adding video elements to a presentation is an easy way to make a good presentation a great one. In this video, we add a video to an Apple Keynote presentation and go through all the options of using video in it.


New Social Media Class in DC and NYC


Here's a new class I am teaching in New York and Washington, DC. I promise to cram in lots of practical advice to get results.

Social Media for Business Professionals
Washington, DC: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 – Register
New York: Thursday, March 11th, 2010 – Register
Time: 6-9pm
Cost: $199

When used correctly, social media tools can help you reach potential customers and keep your current clients engaged and interested. In this informative session you'll learn practical advice that can be implemented immediately. Such as: - How to use Twitter to share your latest news and keep in touch with your best customers - Learning how to set up a corporate page on Facebook to share video, photos, and information - Keeping your business leads up to date with LinkedIn - Creating enjoyable blog posts and content for your readers Target audience: This class is for business professionals looking to increase business opportunities through social media tools. The workshop focusses on practical ways to establish a social media presence that is both effective and maintainable.


Using Mail Merge in iWork '09

We've got another episode of MacBreak Work! Rich Harrington shows Alex how to use Mail Merge in iWork '09. This is a great way to create several customized documents from a database.

Here are links to get the free episode.

Direct Download


Aligning items in Keynote '09

MacBreak Work is back! In this new episode we cover how to align items in a presentation. You'll also learn cool new transitions in Keynote ‘09.

Here are links to get the free episode.


Editors Retreat This Week

I head to the Editors Retreat event in Miami tomorrow (this is my sixth time going - it's that good). Lots of great networking and training events for all. I'll have some resources (and hopefully one of my sessions posted this week). Hope to see some of you at the event.

An intensive, interactive environment for TV, video and film editors that fosters creativity and the exchange of ideas at the highest level.

  • Four Days of Sessions in Multiple Tracks.
  • Award-Winning Keynote Speakers.
  • Daily Social Networking with Experts.
  • Numerous Prizes.

We Got That B-Roll

This is a funny video (thanks to John Nack for pointing it out). For those not in the know, b-roll is typically stock footage that helps illustrate what a video project is about. It covers up the A-roll (or talking head and narration parts). For those in the video industry, you'll love the "That's not B-roll" line.


What is Google Chrome OS?

This looks to be something worth keeping an eye on. Google reveals more about their new Operating System.


The Economics of Music

"Of the new titles released last year, almost 99 percent of them didn't sell enough copies to let their creators earn a living from CD sales, and almost 95 percent of them didn't sell enough copies to cover the most basic expenses involved in their recording."


Check out the article Selling CDs is no way to make a living.


New Documentary on PowerPoint in Production

powerpoint cover
I was interviewed for this documentary. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

"Release Date: March 15, 2010 on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, & Comcast VOD

Distribution: Method Content LLC

Director’s Comment: I’ve done nearly 200 speeches in the last 3 years, and in every one, clients insisted I include a PowerPoint presentation. My film “Why Walmart Works” was about the scale and influence of Walmart, and I became fascinated with the scale of PowerPoint, which has an estimated 400 million users worldwide.

The documentary “Regarding Powerpoint” traces the origin of the program and its subsequent development. We’ll look at who uses the program for what purposes. The film will also address PowerPoint’s effect of cognitive development and syntax structure, i.e., is society beginning to think in outlines and bullet points, as opposed to to paragraphs? Does anybody give a speech without slides anymore? Will audiences listen to one?

Much as Walmart dominates physical distribution of goods, PowerPoint has come to dominate business expression and presentation. “Regarding Powerpoint” will attempt to put the program’s influence on business, education, and thinking into meaningful context."

Budgeting with Apple Numbers

For a quick overview on creating video budgets with Apple Numbers, be sure to watch this informative video. You can also visit the website in order to download the budget template.


Greatest Technological Impact - Take Our Monthly Survey – October 2009


It's that time again... we've launched our survey for the month of October. It's time for you to cast your vote and have your voice/click heard.

This time we want to know which technology has had the greatest impact on your career/hobby. To clarify, we're talking hardware, software, or both. If you had to pick one (and only one) which would it be? Additionally, you have the option to vote for the ubiquitous ‘other’ but please be sure to identify it in the Comments section. Feel free to offer other opinions in the Comments feed as well.


MommyCast on front Page

A show that is produced in my studios, MommyCast, is one the fron page of iTunes. A big congrats to the team behind the show. The featured episode is on the swine flu outbreak and is worth checking out for important information on staying healthy.


How to Keep Your Body Happy When Chained to a Computer

This article was originally written for inclusion in the first edition of Photoshop for Video. I present it here as I think the information is important (despite the publisher cutting it).


by Dave A. Anselmi
You all know the feeling—that annoying “nag” in your wrists, that stinging or “tingling” feeling down your forearms, perhaps that aching pain in your shoulders and neck. At first it was a minor annoyance… and now, sometimes you find yourself “rushing” your edits, or perhaps even not editing at all, because of the pain.

You’re not alone. As more and more people become “knowledge workers”, doctors and therapists are seeing more and more cases of Computer-Related Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), or colloquially, “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” (CTS). And Non-Linear Editors are especially susceptible, what with their long hours sitting in the dark, ‘hunched’ over a keyboard, moving the mouse back and forth.

The Case for Ergonomics


Here I’ve gone and given you all sorts of things to try with your computer. I would feel guilty if I didn’t bring up ergonomics. The goal behind ergonomics is to design the work to best fit the worker. Highly repetitive tasks are prone cause physical problems. The goal is to prevent back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

How serious is the problem? Very. According to the U.S. department of Labor, approximately one-third of all occupational injuries are directly tied to over-exertion and repetitive motion. These injuries
cost employers over $20 billion in worker compensation each year.


I am Officially on Twitter

I am officially on Twitter...
you can follow if you'd like: 1. Random thoughts. 2. Cool links from Smart Friends 3. Breaking News. If my babbling doesn't bore you...

Finish the Sentence – Check Out Dave Cross's website

[never mind the music, cue the video intro] "It's time once again to ask a well-known photographer, instructor or otherwise interesting person the same 10 questions and ask them to Finish the Sentence! This week the sentences are finished by.... ...

Richard Harrington

Check out this fun interview at Dave’s blog.

Bringing Video to the Masses

Live from the Voices That Matter conference, San Francisco, author Richard Harrington discusses the factors that have caused online video consumption to grow exponentially over the past few years.

Live from the Voices That Matter conference, author Richard Harrington reveals what’s next beyond YouTube and why offering consumers the ability to download your content is imperative. He also talks about Facebook’s platform, video user statistics, demographics, what constitutes an optimal distribution plan for publishers, and why “video is the new photography.”


Apple iWork 09 Book Trailer


Searchable Video with Creative Suite 4

Adobe has a great new technology that makes video searchable. I’ve written a detailed tutorial available at

“With the proliferation of video on the Web, access to information is getting easier to find and understand (for most).  The challenge is twofold: first is getting people to find and search your video for the right information and second is if the individual has an auditory impairment, so much information is only available in the audio track.  This is why there has been such a big push to make video searchable online and more accessible. In this article you’ll use Adobe’s tool set to set up your video content for both goals.”


Handouts from Boston Authors Video Workshops

I recently spoke at the Authors Video Workshops in Boston. The event was sponsored by the BOSFCPUG & Focal Press. Over two days, I spoke on three topics I am passionate about: Photoshop, Final Cut, and web video.

Here are some of the promised resources.

Photoshop For Video

Professional Color Correction in Final Cut Pro

Producing Video Podcasts and Web Video

Enjoy... reviews on Amazon and iTunes always appreciated.


Two New Apple Books Ready To Order

If you’ve wondered why I’ve been so quite lately... it’s because I’ve been hard at work on both of these books. I’m proud to announce that these will be shipping in just a few weeks. Both feature a ton of new projects and all sorts of new tips. Even if you have previous editions of the books, you won’t want to miss these. We’ve completely rewritten nearly every chapter with a ton of new projects, design tips, and a bunch of really helpful advice.

Apple Training Series: iWork 09
In the only Apple-certified guide to iWork ’09, you’ll learn to create everything from first-rate business presentations and newsletters to effective budgets and event planners. Focused lessons take you step by step through all aspects of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. The self-paced book/DVD combo uses real-life material and practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your own projects. You’ll learn to:

• Master the iWork suite of tools quickly through fun, real-world projects
• Design a Keynote presentation from storyboard to Web export
• Add animated charts and motion backgrounds to a presentation with ease
• Publish great-looking newsletters and brochures in print and on the Web
• Build a professional marketing package from scratch
• Create expense reports, track budgets, and plan special events
• Sort, organize, and chart data using sophisticated spreadsheet calculations

Get iWork ‘09 for 34% off the cover price

Apple Training Series: iLife 09
In the only Apple-certified guide to iLife ’09, the authors have you working miracles with iLife within the first few pages. Featuring footage and images from around the world, this book/DVD combo uses real-life material and practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your own projects. Focused lessons take you step by step through all aspects of iLife ’09—everything from organizing and sharing your photo library to creating polished video and soundtracks. Along the way, you’ll produce movies, photobooks, podcasts, websites, blogs, and custom DVDs.

Get iLife ‘09 for 34% off the cover price

I worked hard on these... there’s a ton of new stuff and I really hope you check them out.


More NIN Remixes

I love how Trent Reznor keeps innovating. The Nine Inch Nails front man keeps releasing tracks for fan in new ways. One of the coolest is the option for remixes. He’s also released free tracks for fans to download.

“The NIN/JA 2009 tour site is now live at and features a FREE download with exclusive, previously-unreleased music from Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, and Street Sweeper. You can also browse tour dates, photos, videos, and listen to streaming music.

Additionally, starting today you'll have the option to remix two Jane's Addiction tracks and one Street Sweeper track on


The Future in Motion, A History of Tomorrow's Interfaces

Check this out... a colleague of mine speaking on a cool topic.

Watch Future in Motion, A History of Tomorrow's Interfaces, Mason Dixon, MGFest  |  View More Free Videos Online at

A Change in the Market – Apple Releases HD Movies for Sale


Seems like times are changing... Apple (and more importantly, movie studios) have decided to start offering high-definition movie sales and rentals through the iTunes Store. This is yet another sign that consumers want digital downloads (and are willing to pay a fair price). Let’s hope more studios come on board.

Starting today, movie fans can purchase box office blockbusters for download in HD for $19.99 from iTunes, and films will be available as iTunes Movie Rentals in HD for $4.99 within 30 days after release. Customers can enjoy these films in HD on their Mac or PC and on their widescreen TV with Apple TV, as well as in standard definition on their iPhone or iPod with video.


Double Your iPhone Battery

I know some of you hate iPhone posts (sorry)....

But here’s something I just had to gush about.... The
mophie Juice Pack iPhone battery is shipping. I had the original battery pack, but with the new form-factor for the 3G phones, I had to upgrade. Here’s the specs:

  • Standby Time – Up to 350 hours
  • Talk Time – 6 additional hours on 3G | 12 hours on 2G
  • Internet Use – 6 additional hours on 3G | 7 hours on Wi-Fi
  • Audio Playback – 28 additional hours
  • Video Playback – 8 additional hours

This device is absolutely
awesome and lets me get through a long day of business.


The Most Important Piece of Paperwork for Your Projects

I often preach extensively about project management at design and creative conferences around the globe. The one piece of paperwork that I always emphasize is completing a scoping document for a project then getting the client to sign off and accept it. This one piece of papaerwork can solve all sorts of problems and is really worth the 2-5 hours it takes to write. The outline is as follows.

Project Scoping Document

( 2 - 1 0 p a g e s )
  • Project Name
  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Project Scope (High Level)
  • Project Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Organizations
  • Interfaces Required
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Risks
  • Rewards
  • Budgets
  • Schedules (Due Dates)
  • Project Team Readiness
  • Key Roles
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Business Experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Signature Lines - Sign Off “Charter”

Collaborative Note Taker for Mac

SubEthaEdit - $35 [Mac]
Having creative sessions and want to keep notes? This application is the perfect note taker. It allows you to collaborate on one open document across your network. It’s also rendezvous enabled so it’s easy for other Mac users to join in. Nice features such as color-coding for each user as well as time stamping make this a flexible tool.

If you need some groupthink without the use of a projector... then this is a perfect tool.

Create a Form Letter with Apple Pages


Oftentimes you’ll need to create a form letter to send to multiple clients (such as an address change or a promotional letter). If you’d like to personalize these letters, Apple Pages makes it easy to insert data you’ve defined for contacts in Address Book. This can save you time because you can reuse a letter, envelope, or other document for multiple people. This feature is generally called a mail merge.

14 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website

I don’t live in the world of website creation every day... but I’ve been putting up sites since the launch of Mosaic back with PageMill 1.0. I may be a little slow.. but here’s fourteen questions I recommend getting answers to before you build a site (feel free to comment and I’ll expand the list).

Project Planning Sheet – Website


1) What main points do you wish to make with your website? (No more than five)
2) Who is the audience? (Please be specific)
3) What is the market’s current attitude toward your company?
4) What objections to potential customers have to your company?
5) What do you want the consumer to think after they see your website?
6) What do you want the consumer to feel after they see your website?
7) What do you want want the consumer to do after they see your website?
8) What Five adjectives describe the look and feel of your future website?
9) Are there any special features or design ideas you have about your website?


10) Who will be involved with creating the content of the website?
11) Who has final website approval?
12) What are your deadlines?
13) Is your domain registered? If so, what is the URL and where is it registered?
14) Have you selected a web hosting company?

NOTE: Please send any relevant documents or promotional material that will affect the content of your website


A Useful Post on Photographers' Rights

Noted author and podcaster Scott Kelby has a great interview on copyright, photographers’ rights, and release forms. This is truly great and worth checking out.

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past month or so, you’ve read my posts about photographers being harassed when shooting in public, and a lot of readers have chimed in with comments about what we can and can’t shoot, what our rights as photographers are and aren’t, our interpretations of copyright law, and so on. There’s just one problem; we’re not attorneys.

So, I contacted New York-based Intellectual Property Attorney Ed Greenberg, who’s a published author on the topic, and who has been dealing with photography copyright, contract, and creative rights issues for over 30 years, to finally get the straight no-nonsense scoop on all this.”
You can watch the interview
here. Enjoy!


Useful Article About Online Collaboration

There's a great article over at Pro Video Coalition about using web tools to collaborate with other creative pros. The article is written by Steve Hullfish who truly knows his stuff...

“A few weeks ago there was a short but interesting thread on CML-pro (The Cinematographer’s Mailing List) about how to collaborate with other creatives on a production team using web-based tools. The original poster wanted a solution – a “group scrapbook” - that would allow a small pre-production team to share images, photos and notes. Expanding on the idea a little further, it would be good to be able to communicate across the group, share schedules, comments and video.
There were basically six good solutions presented by members of the list:
  • Google Sites – basically a free on-line website creator.
  • Celtx – free software that links to free shared web storage specifically for film and TV productions.
  • BackPackIt – subscription-based team collaboration website
  • BaseCamp – subscription-based team collaboration website
  • Picassa Web – on-line photo sharing
  • .mac account with iWeb – simple website creation with annual subscription for serving.

I examined each of these concepts for a project I’m beginning. There are pros and cons to each approach and I figure that you might benefit from all of my legwork.”

You can check out the
entire article here.


NIN – The Times are Changing

One of the first bands I fell in love with during college was Nine Inch Nails (actually back then, it wasn't a band). The seminal record, Pretty Hate Machine was a mash-up of Prince Samples and Orchestral Scores from Stephen King and Clive Barker films (along with many other sounds). Since then Trent Reznor has continued to evolve/

Yesreday they‘ve releases The Slip—a new 10-track album—for free on The record is available in virtually every flavor of DRM-free digital format, all you need to do is give them your email address. The album will eventually be available in traditional formats as well. This move mirrors those of both Radiohead and Prince.


Adobe Demos Future Technology at NAB

Following up on my "Really Cool Adobe Announcements" post...

Adobe has actually posted their "secret" presentation from NAB. Hart Shafer talks about four cool things Adobe has up their sleeve.

SO need to watch this... trust me. BTW (for those of you waiting... they did show OnLocation for Mac in this demo).


Does the World Need Another Media Player?

Adobe released the Adobe Media Player software on April 9, which allows a customizable, cross-platform media player experience. Built using the Adobe AIR runtime, the media player harnessed the power of Flash to create a rich media experience. To complete the experience, Adobe adds support for both RSS feeds and H.264 video, two of the open standards used by the podcasting movement.

What does this all mean? I had a chance to sit down with Deeje Cooley, who serves as an evangelist for Adobe’s Dynamic Media Organization (and formerly as the product manager for the Adobe Media Player). Cooley was tasked with bringing the product to market and he shared insight into Adobe’s motivation for the product and goals for its role in the market. Unlike competing products, the Adobe Media Player has chosen to focus on being a video-only player.

“The growth of video online, the dramatic growth of flash as the video delivery mechanism of choice… there was a ripe opportunity to take advantage of all these events around the industry,” said Cooley. “We started to build an RSS aggregator and quickly recognized that video was going to be a significant media online and so it became a video RSS aggregator. And so that’s really the birth of the Adobe Media Player.”



Really Cool Adobe Announcements

Adobe showed some awesome stuff at NAB. My favorite was a future version of Premiere that transcribes your footage, then makes the transcription searchable for both editing and publishing to the web. I was going to do an in-depth write-up.... but then I got busy (still will).

In the meantime. Check out this article for details.

Get the Adobe Media Player Now!

This is an excerpt from an article to be released in full later this week:

Adobe released the Adobe Media Player software on April 9, which allows a customizable, cross-platform media player experience. Built using as an Adobe Air application, the media player harnessed the power of Flash to create a rich media experience. To complete the experience, Adobe adds support for both RSS feeds and H.264 video, two of the open standards used by the podcasting movement.

What does this all mean? I had a chance to sit down with Deeje Cooley, who serves as the evangelist for Adobe’s Dynamic Media Organization (and formerly as the product manager for the Adobe Media Player). Cooley was tasked with bringing the product to market and he shared insight into Adobe’s motivation for the product and goals for its role in the market. Unlike competing products, the Adobe Media Player has chosen to focus on being a video-only player.

“The growth of video online, the dramatic growth of flash as the video delivery mechanism of choice… there was a ripe opportunity to take advantage of all these events around the industry,” said Cooley. “We started to build an RSS aggregator and quickly recognized that video was going to be a significant media online and so it became a video RSS aggregator. And so that’s really the birth of the Adobe Media Player.”

The Adobe Media Player is immediately available as a free download for Windows and Macintosh platforms from


Blu-ray Wins?

Digital Media Wire has a very interesting article about the fate of HD-DVD. Seems Wal-Mart had dropped HD DVD (along with Best Buy and Netflix).
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Toshiba "is expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format in the coming weeks." THR noted, however, that Toshiba says no official decision has been made. "Given the market developments in the past month, Toshiba will continue to study the market impact and the value proposition for consumers, particularly in light of our recent price reductions on all HD DVD players," Jodi Sally, VP of marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products, told THR. Toshiba had hoped that slashing the prices on its HD DVD players last month would help bolster sales, but subsequent sales data from NPD showed that Blu-ray maintained its wide sales lead despite the move.  


GridIron Flow Demo Movie

I saw this very cool product at Macworld Expo called Flow. It is a revolutionary workflow management technology designed to work with Adobe and Apple software. The product took Best of Show (and for good reason). You can see it in action in a video demo on their site. 

"Flow is a revolutionary approach to digital content management that dramatically simplifies the design process for creative professionals working on graphic design, web and video projects. Flow automatically tracks your work from idea to end result and manages your assets and applications for your most complex projects- all without changing the way you work."

Flow isn't shipping for a while, but GridIron is accepting
sign-ups for beta testing.


New Options for Web Galleries

Looking for a better way to show your images on the web? Adobe has boosted Bridge with new web galleries.

Adobe® Media Gallery (AMG) for Adobe Bridge adds quick, powerful Web gallery creation to Adobe Photoshop® CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended and the Adobe Creative Suite®. AMG makes it possible to create HTML or Flash-based galleries from any of the file formats supported by Bridge; adjust the galleries using the built-in preview; and export the results or upload them via FTP."

The add-on is free... and works great with easy preview and FTP options. You can download the free plug-in at


New Book on Video Podcasting

Those who know me personally, know I am very passionate about podcasting. I have been hard at work for the last year on a new book on just that, video podcasting. My business partner, Mark Weiser, and I have taken many of the hard lessons learned at RHED Pixel and put them into a book. The book is full color and richly illustrated, plus there will also be a companion website and podcast launching in January.

The book ships in February, but you can get the biggest discount by pre-ordering it from


Editors Retreat Coming Soon

I wanted to let you all know about a great training conference coming up, the Editors Retreat. I've been to this event five times now and it is fantastic. It's a chance to network and learn from the bet editors in the business. It is truly an amazing event and I encourage you to have a look.


Here are some sessions I look forward to attending.

  • Scene it: Color Correction as a Storytelling Tool – Steve Hullfish
  • Keynote Presentation – Oscar-nominated Editor, Sally Menke
  • Everything You Need to Know About Audio – Coll Anderson
  • Your Professional Future: What To Do in The Next Year to Stay Ahead –Bob Donlon
  • Keynote Presentation – Emmy-nominated Editor, David Helfand


New Podcast Series on Microsoft Emerging Technology

My company recently produced a new podcast series called OnMicrosoft (and yes, its about Microsoft). Here's the official blurb.


OnMicrosoft—Each week, we will talk to some of the IT Pro and Developer community's leading experts about a wide range of programming, systems, and software issues. Our interviews include talks with Microsoft’s Program Manager on the .NET Framework- Brad Abrams, Connected Systems Division Architect at Microsoft- Chris Anderson, Wintellect Co-Founder- Jeff Prosise, and Group Product Manager at Microsoft- Brian Goldfarb. With discussions on topics including ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, PowerShell WPF, Orcas and SharePoint, we have something for professionals working in every part of the industry.

You can check it out in iTunes by clicking here –
Video Feed or Audio Feed.


Thoughts on the iPhone


I was there... I oohed and aahed with the rest of them... then I asked questions. Is the phone really cool? Yup. Will I buy one? Yup. Is it perfect? Nope... and here's hoping that Apple will listen to some of the criticism.

First off... if you haven't looked at the online demo on Apple's website, be sure to
check it out. It is both informative and an impressive use of the web for an interactive demo.

Cool... huh? I agree... but here's my list of gripes.

1. The battery is not user changeable. I travel
a lot and carry three cell phone batteries with me. I've also run my iPod dead while on a plane. See the math? What also happens when the battery stops charging all the way? Currently Apple needs to service iPod batteries and it takes a few days.

2. They say it runs OSX and "desktop class" applications – but that doesn't really mean any application and no they won't let third-party software develop titles independently. Rather, it'll be more like iPod games, just a few titles and tight control.

3. It looks to have none of the following items – no iChat, no AIM, no Games, no GPS, no Java, and no Flash (yet most carriers and phones offer these).

To be fair... here's what's great about it:
1. You iPod accessories and chargers work with it.
2. Apple has confirmed that they can (and will) release updates for it like the iPod.
3. Apple i supporting third-party hardware development.
4. The map features is really cool.
5. It has an "airplane mode" so you can turn off wireless but leave the unit on.
6. You can see all your voice mails as a list and check them out of order.
7. Widescreen video playback.
8. A great looking web browser.
9. It's really thin!

David Pogue has lots of great info on his blog |
post 1 | post 2

And hey... the release date isn't until June. So maybe they'll continue to tweak it a bit.

Super Cool Audio Recorder for Podcasting and Field Production

While I was traveling for DV Expo, we decided to pick up a new digital audio recorder. After an exhaustive search, we decided upon the Microtrack 24/96 from M-Audio. This recorder has proven very flexible as we can use it several ways.

  • It can be patched into a soundboard easily with three different connection types
  • It can be connected to a video camera's headphone port to record audio
  • It has an attachable mike for quick voice records of meetings or creative sessions

The feature list is pretty impressive as it offers pro options at a reasonable price. It's important that you download the latest software updates (which are free) but the whole package is great. I love being able to both charge and transfer data via a USB 2 cable. Don't let some of the inexperienced Amazon reviewers throw you off, I trust the recommendation of Douglas Spotted Eagle any day.

Adobe Releases New Articles on Digital Photography

If you are in need of some new ideas or inspiration, be sure to check out the new articles from Adobe experts. There's a full list posted over at and there's some truly great stuff in there. While the articles skew towards digital photographers (like most of Adobe these days), I found these two very useful.

Digital Image Integrityby George ReisPhotographs have been altered or “faked” ever since the very beginning of chemical photography. Learn how Photoshop CS is providing forensics experts and law enforcement specialists better tools for evaluating the authenticity of a photograph.

Black and White Conversion Tutorialby John Paul CaponigroAre you looking for more detail in your digital B&W conversions? Or perhaps better contrast and tonal separation? Here’s an opportunity to learn how to get maximum flexibility out of your B&W conversions. Follow along step-by-step, as John Paul Caponigro shows you how the pros do it in this dynamic PDF tutorial.

Podcasts on a PSP


In case you didn't know, the Sony Playstation Portable (aka PSP) is podcast compatible. Just not right out of the box. Sony sells a software/cable bundle called the Sony PSP Media Manager which lets you manage your media library (even iTunes) and move things onto the Playstation Portable. On the Mac side, there's a great piece of shareware called PSPWare which lets you mange media on your Mac and move things over. All in all, pretty dang cool (plus it gave me a "legitmate" reason to finally pick one up).


A Colloborative Note-taking Tool – SubEthaEdit


I was talking with some software developers over a great dinner last night and we got on a favorite topic, collaboration. I brought up one of my favorite tools, SubEthaEdit ($35 from You can collaborate on one open document across your network. It's also Apple Rendezvous (aka Bonjour under OS 10.4)-enabled, so it's easy for other Mac users to join in. Nice features such as color-coding for each user and time stamping make this a flexible tool. If you need some group-think without the use of a projector, this is a perfect tool.

For more on great shareware,
see this useful article.

New Training DVDs Released

In need of someone training this Fall? We've released five new titles. Three are brand new for Final Cut Pro users: Color Correction, Advanced Trimming, and Media Management. These are three areas that even the most experienced user can gain speed and confidence.

We've also significantly updated two of our best sellers: An
Inside Look at the HVX-200 and a guide to working with HD Media. There are these and several more available at We hope you enjoy them!


Technology for the Masses – K-mart Goes Broadband


Tonight, I ended up in a K-mart (I was looking for a bin of Tinker Toys for my son Michael). My eye was caught by the promise of 'free high-speed internet access' (or acceso gratuito de alta velocidad a internet for K-mart's Spanish speaking customers). Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me.

1. Who exactly goes to K-mart with a laptop?

2. While they do have a snack-bar, could you really see yourself sitting down with a big tall ICEE (blue please) and telecommute?

3. Where did they dig up the dinosaur 'Application Center' terminal. This thing totally looks like a TRS (Trash) 80... If you know what I mean... please validate this inane post by leaving a comment.

Well, as a podcaster, I guess I should be glad that you can now get my latest episodes at K-mart. Be sure to stop into your “all-new” K-mart (now owned by Sears) and see what joys lie in-store for you.


iPod Vending Machine – For Real

While at the Ottawa Convention Center for the Podcasting and Portable Media Expo, I was quite surprised to see a large vending machine filled with electronics. Everything from iPods to PlayStation Portables stocked this machine. It was really pretty amazing. Swipe your credit card and you could be basic things like an iPod cable or laptop cable, to a 60GB video iPod. Prices were the same as retail in a store... so there was really no disadvantage to buying (although I imagine returns or exchanges would be tricky). And unlike that bag of M&Ms, they product does not fall to the ground (a robotic arm/magic elf gently moves the package from shelf to pickup bin).I am sure there are more of these out there... anyone ever buy from one?


Never Lost on a Road Trip Again

I have found the best gadget for traveling... an affordable GPS system that you can take with you on the road. I'm in LA for the Podcasting Expo and I bought a portable GPS unit (for those of you who've driven LA, you'll understand the need to bale from a clogged highway and find a new route). The Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket or Vehicle GPS Navigator just rocks.

• It just works, zero problems getting a signal and clear directions.
• It has Bluetooth which is really cool. Pair it with your cell phone and it works as a speaker phone. Need to find a hotel or restaurant, click the built-in guide then push the phone button and you are connected. Dial the office and you have a great hands-free speaker phone. It's clear for both parties and totally works.
• It has built-in storage, and can play music (and even cooler Audible books).
• The screen is bright and clear, plus its a touch screen
• It charges via a USB cable or runs of a cigarette adapter.
• You can put it into a pedestrian mode for walking around cities (it'll ignore one ways, or places that aren't accessible to pedestrians).
• There are no subscription fees.

Be sure to
check it out... this little device has taken away a big chunk of the stress I feel in rental cars (and makes my wife happy as she uses it in her non-GPSed car when I am not traveling).

Thanks to
Terry White from Adobe for the initial tip.


New DVD – Motion Control: Turning Photos into Moving Footage

It’s finally shipping, my new DVD. If you need to use photos in your videos or film, you'll enjoy this new disc. I go very in-depth on how to create standard and 3D camera moves with photos.

Motion Control: Using Photoshop and After Effects To Tranform Still Images into Moving Footage
No longer locked to a stationary position on screen, your photos now possess distinct storytelling abilities.  Join Richard Harrington, Photoshop and motion graphics guru, as he reveals the top techniques used by pros to bring still images to life.  This DVD will benefit all users interested in improved storytelling abilities. You’ll learn essential techniques both in 2D and 3D space.
  • Adobe Photoshop essentials
  • Traditional two-dimensional motion control
  • Using 3D cameras
  • Working in 3D space
  • Using 3D lighting to enhance your images
  • Performing advanced camera operations
Bonus Features
  • Original and processed images
  • Adobe Photoshop and After Effects project assets
Estimated ship date is September 20th 2006. You can order it here.


Understanding Adobe Photoshop Gets High Marks


A few months ago, my new book on Adobe Photoshop was released. I'm not one for fancy titles... so I simply called this one "Understanding Adobe Photoshop." The book combined everything I learned teaching Adobe Photoshop to both college students and working pros, and it is targeted for both new users and those who are self-taught (having never taken a full college-level class).

The book is doing well (but of course... I'd be happy to sell more). It is
very well-suited for classroom use as well with hundreds of hands-on exercises (including images) as well as 4.5 hours of training videos. Enough of my thoughts... what are others saying?

Useful Shareware – Art Directors Toolkit

Looking for a helpful tool to for designers? Then check out the Art Directors Toolkit. Although this handy application can't make you an art director for 40 bucks, it replaces a bunch of tools that always seem to get misplaced in my office. It's designed for print pros, but motion graphics and web designers will appreciate some of its key features:
- A Scale Calculator to help you determine percentages for resizing to a specific target.- A text-preview window so you can see source copy in a variety of fonts.- A symbol-conversion pane to unlock specialty characters in your fonts.- A Swatch Book for viewing Pantone colors and finding related colors.- A Blend window to find a third color that will work well with two others.- A Units Converter to calculate different measurement conversions.- A very robust RGB color picker.

New EVDO ExpressCard Arrives (and is Perfect!)

So... you may have picked up on my love of all things EVDO. These great cards let the business traveler or mobile blogger kill off the expense of logging in at coffee shops, hotels, and convention centers (I've had months where access has run me $225). Unfortunately, the new Macs and Dells required an ExpressCard (which was not available until today). But I have mine, and thanks to the card... I am mobile and plugged in (in fact that is how this very entry was posted!)

Hats off to
EVDO Info for shipping as promised and getting it to me overnight. Note, their website references a high demand... so if you need one... pre-order.

“The demand is huge for the ExpressCard.
We sold out of our first shipment (which is being sent out to customers on 8/11/2006). Our next shipment is currently scheduled for 8/23/2006.”

Boy... do I love wireless internet.... *GRIN*


The Truth About Laptops, Cell Phones, and the TSA

As a person living in target number one (Washington, D.C.) the news of a recently foiled terrorist attack greatly bothered me. As the frequent business traveler, I was stymied by the news reports that all sorts of items such as laptops, cell phones, and iPods were being banned. I thought... how could they? Could you imagine a flight where no business traveler got any work done no child could watch a movie, those of us who like quiet time couldn't ignore the world by drowning it out with an iPod?

T.W.O.M. - August 2006

page16_blog_entry46_1Welcome to our new series... Technology Word of the Month. I encounter a lot of overly plugged-in folks each month and they often have their own language. In my efforts to keep you a member of the techno-elite, I bring you the word of the month for August.

MACDINKED – verb: When a designer (or client) continues to tweak a project beyond an appropriate level because they are technologically capable of doing so.

This word was brought to my attention by my Dad (and yes... I felt slightly aghast that he was more plugged in). Feel free to comment or add your own.
Email submissions welcome and there will be a prize for the best word each month.

Your Voice Matters - Computer Hardware Survey

Many of you voted in our survey last month about computer hardware. The results were very interesting with Macintosh taking a strong lead. In fact we weren't the only ones who were interested in your future technology plans. Inside Mac Radio featured the results of the survey on the daily Macintosh podcast for August 3. You can listen to it here if you'd like. Be sure to vote each month as your input affects the coverage of this site as well as which training products we release.


Great Tool for Presenters Using Keynote


I came across a great piece of software called ProfCast that lets you turn a Keynote presentation into an enhanced podcast. These podcasts are very small as it is jut an audio file, but when viewed on an iPod or within iTunes, the artwork changes for the slide. It's a pretty cool way for teachers to share their lessons, and the whole process is very easy for the mildly tech-savvy to perform. I covered how to do this very task using iWork and Garageband in the new iWork book, but this application saves several steps and is very pleasant to use. You can create a podcast directly, sent it to GarageBand or iWeb, or take it directly online to a user-specified server (.xml authoring for the feed is included). At $25 its an affordable tool all Mac-based educators or technical trainers should add.

UPDATE – The new version also works with PowerPoint

Stuck in a Creative Rut?

If you are having a bad creative day working on your clients latest ad... be sure to try out the online Advertising Slogan Generator. You type in a word and it spits out your latest soda catch phrase. Don't like the first result.. click again. It's a good way to waste some time and still feel like you're working.

Okay its silly.... but I like
surreal items. They make me think and smile. Be sure to check it out, then explore the site for other fun/useful items.


It’s all About Covering Your Assets

Apple launched Aperture, then Adobe announced Lightroom. Leave it to Microsoft to get in on the fray. iView Multimedia is now part of Microsoft. Micrsoft has picked up three products: View MediaPro, iView Media, iView Catalog Reader. As people gather more and more photos, movies, and other digital files, keeping track of them all gets even harder. Yan Calotychos, has written a letter about the Microsoft deal which you can read here.


The Polls Have Been Rebuilt

Narrator: Raster|Vector: website. A blog barely alive.
Adam Kranitz: Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the polls more responsive and interactive. Raster|Vector will be that site. Better than it was before. Better…stronger…faster.

Okay, so if you voted before, you'll need to revoice your opinion. I've opened up both polls (just scroll down). Let your voice be heard... or at least make a really loud click.


Pixar Blog - Well Done

After catching Pixar's latest triumph, Cars, I felt the desire to poke around the web for some behind the scenes info. While there's lots out there, I found a great blog that goes in depth on the people and technology behind the films. If you enjoy Pixar's animation, be sure to check out Luxo (named after the lamp in the logo and in this great short). The blog features a ton of stories of its own, as well as video clips and a wealth of external links. Whether your into the films or the business side of computer graphics, you should check this one out.

Take Our Monthly Survey – Hardware

It's that time again... we've launched our survey for July. This time its all about hardware. For your next computer purchase will it be Mac or PC? Desktop or Laptop? Be sure to vote for your next credit card bill... inquiring minds want to know.


Advanced Calendar Program with Filemaker Pro

We've switched the office over to a new calendar program. We've outgrown iCal and needed something beefier. After a lot of searching and trials, we decided upon CC Calendar (Scheduling Edition). The Calendar is essentially a Filemaker Pro file, which means you can share it with other users in the office. It's totally flexible and allows for tracking of rooms, people, and to-do items. And as far as iCal goes, it even offers syncing options.

To download a demo.
To download FileMaker Pro demo.
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