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95 UAP - Depth of Field Blur - Understanding Adobe Photoshop

Instructor Richard Harrington explains how to create a depth of field blur in Photoshop using the lens blur filter and gradient maps.

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Important Video – Slightly Off Topic

Today is Diabetes Alert Day.

My company helped produce this video about an important public issue. Please watch.


Photoshop World is Next Week

Going to Photoshop World next week? If so I hope to catch up.

Here’s my teaching schedule.

Wednesday, April 2
04:45p-05:45p Building Your Portfolio Online

Thursday, April 3
Motion Graphics Track
08:15a-09:15a Put Your Portfolio on DVD
10:45a-11:45a Typography in Motion
06:00p-07:00p Motion Control 3D, an Introduction


Nice Review of iWork ‘08 Book

I just got forwarded a nice review on the Apple Training Series book on iWork ‘08.

“Apple’s iWork applications are quite easy to use. However, if users want to go beyond the meager instructions given in the little pamphlets that come in the box with the software, Apple Training Series: iWork ‘08 is a great way to extend their knowledge of the software.

The applications in the iWork suite are designed to be easy to use from the get-go. Install, launch, poke around a little, do a little dragging and dropping, enter some text, and ...Shazam!.. get surprisingly good results. However, the ease with which users can use the software initially might prevent many from realizing the full potential of the iWork apps. Working through the lessons in Harrington’s manual, The Apple Training Series: iWork '08, will take users to the next level.”

“Richard Harrington has come up with a real winner for Mac users who are serious about developing new and valuable skills with The Apple Training Series: iWork '08, though it may be overkill for casual users of the iWork applications.”

You can read the full review
here – You can get the book here


Cool Site for iWork Users

Numbers is a really useful spreadsheet program that comes in the Apple iWork suite. I'm a big fan (I wrote the official book after all). I just stumbled across this great website called that offers a ton of free templates that makes Numbers even more useful.

Some of my favorites include.

Project Management Template
Baseball Scorecard
Scuba Log

If you are on the fence, don't be. The application suite costs $79, has a 16% market share, and reads and writes all of the Office Formats.


New Photoshop Book – I Need Your Input

A new edition of the book, Understanding Adobe Photoshop has been ordered. I want this book to be really great (we're going to keep the best of the last version but add a ton of new stuff). What I'd really like to know is what do you want. More exercises, clearer explanations, more humor? Please tell me... I really do want to know.

Please use the comments below and let me know what you'd like to see. I promise that everyone who replies will get a special download when the book is closer to done. I can't comment too much on timeline, the exact title, etc.... but I promise you'll like it!


94 UAP - Creating Custom Brushes - Understanding Adobe Photoshop

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to create your own custom brushes in Photoshop.

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New Book on Video Podcasting is Out

Our new book called Producing Video Podcasts is shipping. We're really happy with how its turned out. It's a comprehensive title that explores all aspects of producing video podcasts (as well as web video).

If you are a budding podcaster or a multimedia professional I strongly encourage you to check out the book. Here are several links to give you a good idea of what its all about.

The Book:
To Order Read Chapter 1 Table of Contents Index
The Website The Podcast


21 Years of Apple Evolution

Picture 2
When I look at what Apple has accomplished its been an interesting journey. The company has released a ton of great products (and also a few clunkers). I have found a great image that lets you see much of the product line laid out chronologically. After all, you can't get to the great Mighty Mouse without first passing the "hockey puck."

It really is pretty interesting to
see the "big" picture. Be sure to click on the graphic so you can zoom in and view.


93 UAP - Blend Modes & Corner Pinning - Understanding Adobe Photoshop

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to take a photo of someone and map it to the side of a surface using blend modes and a technique called corner pinning.

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The Podcast Has Two Flavors – SD & HD

We recently started producing our weekly show, Understanding Adobe Photoshop in High Defintiion. We did this for improved image quality for the screencast portion (and to make the show work for TiVo HD and Apple TV). We expected some reaction... and we got it. You sure are a passionate audience. Some of you LOVE the new HD sized show... some HATE it....

That's okay... you are entitled to your opinions and you are entitled to have both.

If you want the show at iPod size:
iPod Web –
iPod iTunes

If you want the show in HD:
HD Web –
HD iTunes –

For more information on subscribing see
this page or this video.

What's Your Preference for the Podcast

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to store multiple designs inside of one Photoshop document with layer comps.

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92 UAP - Black & White Adjustment Layers - Understanding Adobe Photoshop

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to use Photoshop's black & white adjustment layers to convert color images to black & white.

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