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New Podcasts focusses On Software

It was a proud day at RHED Pixel (my office). One of our new podcasts made the front page of iTunes. On Software focusses on how software is developed, and features interviews with the creative folks who design and program the tools we all love.

(It's not every day that you're grouped with a presidential candidate, CNN, and PBS)

OnSoftware—Each week, we will talk to some of the software industry's leading developers about a wide range of programming and development issues. Our interviews include talks with Java Puzzlers author Josh Bloch, C++ Inventor author Bjarne Stroustrup, and Java Concurrency in Practice author Brian Goetz to name just three. With discussions on topics ranging from the future of C++ and Concurrency and value driven software development to Design Patterns, Agile Estimating and Planning, Iterative Development, Generics, and language compatibility, we have something for technical professionals working in every part of the industry.
Is it technical... yup. But I still think you'll find it

Free Reading

I've gotten a few letters lately asking about new books... there are three updates and a new one in development (more later).

But I did write a new book and thoroughly revise another.

For your reading enjoyment and personal education.

Photoshop for Video 3rd Edition (previously titled Photoshop for Nonlinear Editors)
• Major updates with tons of new content and more than 75 new pages of material
• Over 2.5 hours of training videos
• Expanded coverage of DVD and Motion Graphics
• In-depth look at HD graphics and workflow
• Full coverage of Photoshop CS3

Download the free chapter here.
You can order the book

Here's a free chapter from my new book How to Wow with PowerPoint. This is the intro to the book and focusses on best practices for designing graphics for the screen (so even if you aren't a PowerPoint fan, you'll find some wholesome goodness on here). I hope you all enjoy it, If you'd like to order the book click here.



Great After Effects Training and Resources

Looking for some After Effects training? One of my favorite resources is The Anvel run by Dean Velez. Besides a bunch of cool freebies and templates, Dean has a great subscription package of After Effects tutorials. Dean is a very experiences designer with a few Emmys under his belt.

He generously shares this knowledge with others. Dean's discs are great for ideas and I float them amongst the RHED Pixel staff so they can try out some new techniques.


Saving Space on a Mac

When a Macintosh application is installed, it tends to install several language localization files on your drive. If you have a robust Applications folder, these files can quickly add up to gigabytes of space. On a laptop, this can be particularly bad. Instead of manually performing a 'seek-and-dstroy' mission, you can harness the power of DeLocalizer. This useful piece of freeware will remove all non-American English localization resource files that you specify. This useful program lets you customize which languages to remove and can save you a lot of space on your drive.

For more information click


A New Windows Browser

In case you missed it... Apple released a public beta of Safari 3.0 for both Mac AND WINDOWS! To be honest, I never saw that one coming... With great new features, its a worthy upgrade for both platforms. I've seen an occasional hang-up, but the program is faster and adds some great features.

Inline find – Search within a web page by pressing Cmd+F (Ctrl+F)
Resizable Text Fields – More room when working online
Improved Security – Shoo!
Pick up the tabs – Rearrange tabs with drag and drop ease
PDFs Control – Zoom, Save, or Send to a PDF app

Get the free download

Layered TIFFs Save Time

While it’s useful that you can import layered PSD files into Final Cut Pro, it’s unfortunate that not all features carry over. On the other hand, when you need to change a graphic (such as a spelling mistake) it’s very useful to have those layers...Have your cake and eat it too—hmm.

Okay, this is easy. In Photoshop, save your files as LAYERED TIFFs. Final Cut Pro will read it in as a flattened file, but you can make changes. Better yet, if you use the Open in Editor shortcut, you can open and modify the file. In fact you can add, delete, move, and rename layers with no ill effects (try that with a PSD file you’ve imported and watch what craziness breaks loose).


Like this tip? It comes from the book
Final Cut Studio On the Spot from Focal Press.


Welcome to Colleen Ann Harrington

If you’ve wondered why things have been a little quiet... it’s because my life is anything but! Welcome to Colleen Ann Harrington. She was born 5 weeks early (and no... we weren't ready). What started as an evening of Thai Food and a Movie Date (to see Knocked Up of course), turned into an early delivery.

Born – June 2, 2007
21 Inches – 6 Pounds 11 ounces

Mother and Child are both doing well.

Thanks for the kind words and well wishes.


Convert Your Fonts

I just had a need to pull out TRANSTYPE SE. This useful utility comes in handy when working on a design project and getting client-provided materials? Oftentimes fonts come over (which is great), except they are for the wrong platform (which isn't so great). Instead of rushing out to buy the font again, you can usually convert it.
This shareware application converts Mac fonts to PC fonts, or vice versa. Simple in concept, clean in execution--this tool has been a lifesaver that has kept many a motion graphics project on track.

iMix #6 – Songs for My Daughter

Here's my latest iMix, a collection of songs posted to the iTunes music store for others to enjoy. Just click this link to visit the iTunes music store and you can here a little part of the soundtrack of my life. Girl Power – Songs for my Daughter is a collection songs that I'd like my daughter to hear. I think these artists offer a lot to think about and some good advice. Visit iTunes to listen to the tracks, pick up the ones you want, and vote for the iMix in the rankings.

Photoshop World Begins

If you'll be at the Podcast and New Media Expo show this weekend, consider checking out these free classes on the show floor. Podango is offering an “Unconference,” a featured program of the Podcast and New Media Expo (PNME) taking place September 28-30, at the Ontario Convention Center.

Podango, the online video and audio network that enables publishers and advertisers to “get heard” by today’s hard-to-reach, niche audiences, is heralding a wide range of topics and speakers. They include: new media pioneer Scott Bourne, host of The Apple Phone Show; Paige Heninger and Gretchen Vogelzang, hosts of MommyCast; as well as Jason Van Orden, David Lawrence and others. Speakers will share ideas for building and monetizing audiences in today’s niche-oriented, interest-driven new media marketplace.

Motion TIps (A Little Old – But Still Useful)

I present a slightly old (but still relevant) article on Apple Motion. Here are Ten things you should know about Apple Motion (thanks to

For example:

Not happy with the alpha channel you get when you cut a Motion project into a Final Cut Pro timeline? Well, your alpha may be off. Final Cut Pro sometimes misinterprets the alpha channel data, expecting you to have a straight alpha channel, when in fact you may have a premultiplied alpha.

1. Select the Imported Motion project file in your Browser.

2. Choose Modify > Alpha Type Black.
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