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Super Cool Photoshop Actions

While working on my latest Photoshop book, I did some research on Actions. I was looking for some new examples of actions that push the boundaries of what Photoshop can do. I came across several beautiful actions created by Panos FX.
From postcards and filmstrips to paper and sketch effects. These actions are great, they produce powerful results and are flexible enough to create several looks. The website has more than 30 free actions and the powerful ones for sale are very affordable. Be sure to check out their many products to build up your Photoshop toolbox. If you did pick up the new book, be sure to look on the DVD for some additional free actions.


03 UAP - Actions Palette

Action are a useful way to harness the power of automation in Photoshop. Instructor Richard Harrington explains how to use actions to increase your workflow.

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My Favorite Case for a Video iPod

Well, I finally found the perfect case (albeit a little too late). One of the benefits of the black iPod is that video is easier to see due to the higher contrast. The downside is that the black finish shows off scratches a little too well. I finally found a case that protects the iPod without affecting the viewability of the video screen. The Agent 18 VideoShield has been the perfect case so far.

• This hard shell case doesn't significantly increase the size of the iPod
(its still comfortable to hold)
• The price is reasonable (it lists for $25, but I bought it at Target for $19)
• The switch and dock connectors are easy to access
• It’s simple to snap it on and off

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Two Childhood Favorites in One

So, I really don't need any time distracters, but I've found a good one. Take LEGOs and add Star Wars, and you get a great game. Sure the premise seems pretty silly, blocky computer graphics with characters you know all too well. But the game play is surprisingly fun. The levels are challenging with lots of twists and bonuses to unlock. Plus the levels are huge and entertaining. The game is available for all console systems as well as Mac and PC. Just be sure to add a gamepad style controller if your playing on a computer as its a little too robust to try and run from a keyboard.

To get it for your system, visit


02 UAP - Change Image Modes

Instructor Richard Harrington explains how and why you would change your picture's image mode in Photoshop.

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Saving Space on a Mac

When a Macintosh application is installed, it tends to install several language localization files on your drive. If you have a robust Applications folder, these files can quickly add up to gigabytes of space. On a laptop, this can be particularly bad. Instead of manually performing a 'seek-and-dstroy' mission, you can harness the power of DeLocalizer. This useful piece of freeware will remove all non-American English localization resource files that you specify. This useful program lets you customize which languages to remove and can save you a lot of space on your drive.
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iMix #1 - Saturday Morning Wakeup

Here's my very first iMix, a collection of songs posted to the iTunes music store for others to enjoy. Just click this link to visit the iTunes music store and you can here a little part of the soundtrack of my life. "Saturday Morning Wakeup" is a collection of music to gently start your weekend off. Three decades of music here for when time doesn't matter. Visit iTunes to listen to the tracks, pick up the ones you want, and vote for the iMix in the rankings.


01 UAP - Setting Preferences

Before going too far into Photoshop, you should check your preferences. Instructor Richard Harrington explains how setting your preferences can customize Photoshop to your needs.

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Windows vs. Mac – the OS Showdown

With a sense of humor firmly intact, New York Times columnist David Pogue
reviews Microsoft Windows Vista. David takes a look at several of the new features in the latest version of Windows (set to ship next month). His mission... prove that “Microsoft did not steal ideas from Mac OS X.” Does he succeed? It all depends on your perspective so you'll want to judge for yourself. You can take a look at the quick video for free online.

Richard Harrington on Photoshop TV

Looking for the latest on Adobe Photoshop? Then don't miss Photoshop TV with the “Photoshop Guys” Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, and Matt Kloskowski. While down visiting the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, I stopped in on a show taping. They had me on to show two tips.
• How to correct a series faded photographs with adjustment layers
• How to use video actions for creating DVD slide shows from your images

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Another way to run Windows on an Intel Mac

So, I am a cross-platform kinda guy (but its hard to be while mobile). No one wants to lug two or three laptops around. I frequently need to teach Adobe products (such as their video apps) but not all run on a Mac. Toss in my writing duties and I really need to dabble on the other side at least weekly. Most of you probably heard of Boot Camp from Apple, but that wouldn't work for me. Why?

1. It requires you to not have your drive partitioned when starting the install. This doesn't work as I keep my laptops split into 2 or 3 partitions for media management purposes.
2. I really hate having to reboot.
3. Just cause I'm in windows doesn't mean I want to run another email client, give up access to my iCal, etc.

The solution? Its called Parallels Desktop. It functions just like Virtual PC did, allowing you to run windows in, well a window, or go full-screen. Why do I like it?
1. It's FAST. it uses hardware, not software emulation.
2. It's easy to install and tweak.
3. Windows is installed into a virtual machine... if things go 'bad' you can just trash the virtual machine or create a new one. Its just a disk image file.
4. Its affordable. During public beta its only $39. Later it'll go up to $79. (You do need to provide your own legal copy of windows - but it runs nearly all flavors of windows, not just XP).

Download and Evaluate Parallels Desktop Release Candidate 2 for Mac.

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