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New Nikon Gear Announced

Nikon announced two new cameras and a few new lenses. Scott Kelby has a great update at his site.

Be sure to check out the
full article by Scott as well as the official Nikon release.

Finish the Sentence – Check Out Dave Cross's website

[never mind the music, cue the video intro] "It's time once again to ask a well-known photographer, instructor or otherwise interesting person the same 10 questions and ask them to Finish the Sentence! This week the sentences are finished by.... ...

Richard Harrington

Check out this fun interview at Dave’s blog.

Final Cut Studio Documentation and Workflows Now Online

Need to know the latest about Final Cut Studio? Want to look something up about ProRes from your iPhone? Hate those big printed manuals that waste paper?
While its not a revolutionary step (others like Adobe have already placed their docs online) it is still a welcomed event. Some might wonder if trimming the manuals out allowed the huge price cut?
Regardless… the manuals and an even better Workflows document are now online.
The Apple documentation team has converted all of the documentation for the web.  It is freely searchable and can even be linked to if you need to point to a specific article to help a colleague (an even nicer way to say RTFM).
You’ll find them here at
A great document is also the “Final Cut Studio Workflows.” It’s a little hidden within the Final Cut Pro help library:
It offers great ideas on how Final Cut Studio applications fit into a post-production workflow.  You’ll also find practical guidance on how Final Cut Studio apps work with one another.


Final Cut Studio Price Shocker

Yes we all new it would eventually come… the “new Final Cut Studio” was announced. We’ll let the cheers and moans begin after a few days of testing the final release (just ordered mine 30 minutes ago).
But there are a few surprises.. mainly price! Here’s the great news (especially in this economy)
Final Cut Studio 2 – NEW was $1,299
the new Final Cut Studio – NEW is $999
Here’s the best news Final Cut Studio 2 upgrade – was $499 - $699
the new Final Cut Studio upgrade – is $299
I have confirmed… doesn’t matter which version you are upgrading from… I took it right to Apple and got a straight answer.
That is $299 for ANYONE to upgrade from a full copy of Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Studio (except Student or NFR copies).
More on new features soon… but let me just say:
In the current economic client, it’s truly appreciated to see software pricing that respects the long-term customer.  This is a no-brainer upgrade… speed and power without pinching your wallet.  Thanks Apple… I mean it!
Full press release

Bringing Video to the Masses

Live from the Voices That Matter conference, San Francisco, author Richard Harrington discusses the factors that have caused online video consumption to grow exponentially over the past few years.

Live from the Voices That Matter conference, author Richard Harrington reveals what’s next beyond YouTube and why offering consumers the ability to download your content is imperative. He also talks about Facebook’s platform, video user statistics, demographics, what constitutes an optimal distribution plan for publishers, and why “video is the new photography.”


A Great Example of Stop Motion Animation

ympus has released a re-imagined Pen Camera. The original was released 50 years ago, and cost about a a third less than conventional cameras. The camera was known for trying new technologies and innovative ideas throughout its history.The new camera allows for several lenses as well as HD video.

To celebrate the new launch, the company commissioned a very cool stop motion commercial.
- Shot 60.000 pictures
- Developed 9.600 prints
- Shot over 1.800 pictures again.

Oh… and no post production!

Use After Effects to Transcode your HD material to 50 Formats

I wanted to share a little work in progress file.  I find After Effects tremendously useful for resizing video.  In fact I use it often to pre-process footage before applying additional codecs.

What I’ve put together here is a Resizer project.  It allows you to quickly convert an HD file (720 or 1080) to 50 different output formats.  The file is quite simple to use, and covers output sizes ranging from SD, to Presentation Software, to Web, to iPhone.

This is a work in progress… but I’d love to get your feedback.  To learn how to use it (and get the file) keep reading....

First off… download the resizer template from here ( It is an After Effects CS4 project. There are two files, both are identical.  The .aep is a project file, the .aet is a template file that will create a copy automatically when you open it.

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