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Richard Harrington Featured on Viral Podcasts

The NAB Podcasting Summit was a success! We had a ton of great folks come out to fins out more about podcasting. One of the shows, Viral interviewed me about the conference (I was the Program Manager for the conference as well as a speaker). Their show is all about the folks making Internet TV... think of it as an insider's perspective on the whole 'podcasting thing.'

Check out what you missed (plus watch some of the other episodes too). Take a look at Episode 19 for more on NAB.

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iTunes –

Understanding Apple's ProRes 422 Codec

Okay... I'll admit that the words "pro video codec" and "white paper" won’t elicit excitement in many of you. But Apple has released details about this new format for video. What is exciting is that you get better quality at smaller files sizes (in plain English things look better and cost less to store on drives). So... maybe you can do something else like skydive to add excitement into the mix.

For those who want the tech-know-how....
check out the white paper. It’s only 11 pages and is filled with great info for video pros who need to create video or motion graphics for mac-based systems.

New Final Cut Express Title

I just finished a new training title on Final Cut Express. It's called Final Cut Express HD 3.5 Essential Training (but it will work for just about any version of the application). It is priced at $99, or you can view it as a member of the online library.

Here's the official blurb:

Instructor Richard Harrington covers each detail of using Final Cut Express HD 3.5 to effectively edit, organize, and publish digital video and audio files for DVDs, web-based projects, and iPod productions. From understanding the finer points of the workspace to using the tools to their full potential, Final Cut Express HD 3.5 Essential Training teaches the complete process, using hands-on examples. Exercise files accompany this tutorial.

Duration: 6 hours
On 1 DVD

I hope you enjoy!

Illustration Done Easy

We’ve always wished that we were incredible illustrators. Alas the whole hand-eye coordination thing never really worked out. However, we have a nice, happy medium.

  1. Choose a clip you’d like to effect.
  2. Choose Effects > Video Filters > Stylize > Line Art. Whoa! Isn’t that cool? Your footage has instantly been transformed into a moving illustration!
  3. Load the clip into the Viewer and click on the Filters tab. Here you can adjust paper color and opacity, and ink color.
  4. You can also control threshold and smoothness to adjust what is included as a line and the blend between the lines and the paper.
  5. Use the Mix control to blend in your original image.


Like this tip? It comes from the book
Final Cut Studio On the Spot from Focal Press.


Adobe Integrates Creative Suite Apps for Video

Slew of new features--and cross-platform functionality--added for post and rich media pros

It was an exciting afternoon on March 27 when Adobe announced updates to virtually its entire product line-tying together seven applications into a new version of its Creative Suite software for streamlined, video-intensive workflow. Adobe's Creative Suite 3 Production Premium bundle will be cross-platform when it debuts in the third quarter of 2007 (that is, between July 1 and Sept. 30).

Targeting both postproduction and rich media (aka multimedia) professionals, the bundle includes After Effects CS3 Professional, Premiere Pro CS3, Encore CS3, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3 Professional, and Soundbooth CS3. For Windows users, the bundle also includes OnLocation CS3, formerly Serious Magic DV Rack, and Ultra CS3 software for chroma keying, also a former Serious Magic app. (Mac users can run these two apps under Boot Camp.)

Read the full article at
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