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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Gets High Marks

PC-Review Online
"This is an excellent book. It is easy to read, loaded with full color sample images and screen shots. It covers everything a new user of Adobe Photoshop needs in order to get the most from Adobe Photoshop. You get the DVD with almost 5 hours of training videos along with the images used in the book and Flash based quizzes to help reinforce what has been learned this is a great book choice for any novice Adobe Photoshop User."

D'Lynn Waldron
"This is the book I would choose as a school text because it organizes and presents the information in way that makes it easy for the teacher to interact with the students, but at the same time it can be used for self-teaching."

"This book will not go out of date with the next version number change because it does not teach a specific version of Photoshop. For teachers that means not having to learn to use a new book every year and for students that is important because books are a big investment."

The Gotham New York Personal Computer Corp
"The author’s approach reflects his background as a college teacher. He effectively combines clear, concise explanations of underlying technology with inductive, learn-by-doing examples and exercises. Examples are lucid and to the point. Conversely, step-by-step instructions often introduce terminology or concepts, e.g., “In order to crop nondestructively, you must ‘float’ the Background layer.” In interspersing concepts with techniques, the author wastes no words!"

"For readers who already use Photoshop there may be an “AHA!” moment, where the writer makes a previous puzzle fall into place. The book’s explanations of blending modes and filters may be the best that I have seen. The book’s many useful “extras” include a list of URLs for public domain images, snippets of Photoshop history, and profiles of some professional photographers. For rela-tively new features, the author indicates the Photoshop version in which each was introduced."

Tucson Computer Society
"In order to work effectively in Photoshop, it’s important to gain a grasp of digital camera technology as well as that of scanners. The chapter on acquiring digital images covers these concepts and also includes public domain resources for downloading free photos. As I read through the chapters I was impressed with the author’s ability to include everything this complex Adobe application has to offer in a succinct manner."

"Richard Harrington seems to have included everything you might need or want in his compact volume, Understanding Adobe Photoshop, Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques. Whether you are an aspiring professional or accomplished digital artist, you’ll find this book and DVD a great teaching tool and resource when working with Adobe Photoshop."

So, maybe you should check it out?

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