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Why Video is a Four-Letter Word to Many Photogs

Read a Book (in fact... several)

The video industry has been around for a long time. Two of my favorite publishes, Peachpit and Focal Press, have a wealth of books to choose from. I am biased of course, but books are a great way to learn technical information. The material is edited and polished to a greater degree than blogs or websites. You’ll also find in-depth coverage of a topic.

Here are 10 books I recommend strongly to Photographers moving into video. Some of these I am involved in... all of these I’ve read

  1. From Still to Motion: A photographer's guide to creating video with your DSLR – Peachpit Press
  2. The Visual Story, Second Edition: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media – Focal Press
  3. Photoshop for Video, Fourth Edition – Peachpit Press
  4. How Video Works, Second Edition: From Analog to High Definition – Focal Press
  5. The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction – Focal Press
  6. Professional Web Video – Focal Press
  7. The DV Rebel's Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap – Peachpit Press
  8. Video Made on a Mac: Production and Postproduction Using Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite – Peachpit Press
  9. Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Fifth Edition – Focal Press
  10. Motion Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Studio Techniques – Peachpit Press

Watch Video Tutorials & Podcasts

If you want to learn about video techniques, often the best medium is video. In the last two books I’ve written (From Still to Motion & Video Made on a Mac) I’ve included more than 6 hours of video with each. It’s often far easier to show, than it is to tell.

I also recommend you cruise the Podcast section of the iTunes Store where you’ll find a wealth of video tutorials. Here are 10 shows that have lots of coverage about professional video.

  1. FInal Cut Help – Creative Cow
    2 Creative Cow’s Premiere Pro – Creative Cow
    3 MacBreak Studio – Pixel Corps
    4 Producing Video Podcasts – RHED Pixel
    5 Layers TV – Kelby Training
    6 Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast – Terry White
    7 Conversations on Cinematography – American Society of Cinematographers
    8 Film Riot – Revision3
    9 Film Fellas – Zacuto
  2. 16x9 Digital Convergence Podcast

For more on the fusion of photography and video, check out From Still to Motion.

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