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Move Projects from FCP to AE Seamlessly (and Free!)

Footage ©Kuhn Foundation, from the series Closer to Truth Cosmos. Consciousness. God.

I am always on the lookout for things that can make my life easier… sleep in a can, comfortable shoes, great software.
If you use Final Cut Pro and After Effects… do I have a find for you!  I just finished a new book called
Video Made on a Mac, and in the process of writing about Motion Graphics workflows, I’ve discovered an absolute gem, from a little place called Popcorn Island.

From Final Cut Pro to After Effects

Getting your footage from Final Cut Pro to After Effects is a very common workflow. In fact, so many people choose to work this way that there are several free and for sale workflow tools on the market. But I have a new favorite.
The script Final Cut 2 After Effects supports the following features:
  • Cross Dissolve Transitions
  • Basic Editing Translation
  • Segmented Clips
  • Basic Keyframes
  • Time Remapping
  • Nested Sequences
  • Multiple Frame Rates and Aspect Ratios
  • Audio Channels
  • Name Length Error Checking
  • Support for PAL25 and 60

Oh and in case you missed it…

Here’s how the process works:

  • Download and install the After Effects scripts from here.
  • Launch After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
  • Open a Final Cut Pro project with media you want to exchange.
  • Select one sequence in the Browser.
  • Choose File > Export > XML. Choose XML Level 4.
  • Target a location and click OK.
  • Swith to After Effects and choose File > Scripts and select the newly loaded script (PI_FCP2AE.jsxbin).
  • Navigate to the XML file you created in step 5 and click Open. The footage and a new composition are created in After Effects.
  • Explore the composition and check the results.

Also, be sure to check out the new book,
Video Made on a Mac.  More than 400 pages and 5.5 hours of video on Production and Postproduction Using Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite.

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